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Marijuana & Bodybuilding

Can Weed Affect Your Progress In The Gym?

Posted by Rishi_Ramsamooj - May 24th, 2015

Do I think Weed should be legal? Yes! For sure! I might not smoke it at all, but I don't believe there are any health risks from smoking it regularly and I fully understand how the high from weed can be a very relaxing, pleasing, and euphoric experience.  However, when it comes to bodybuilding, weed can be either beneficial or a big threat towards your gains. Each point that Im gonna discuss actually has some pros and some cons.

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Safety & Hormones

If you are going to smoke stay away from blunts and weed cigs because those are very toxic to the lungs which will harm your cardiovascular system. Use a bong, vaporize or eat it. There have been a FEW studies that have been done to link smoking weed regularly with decreased T- levels, but these studies have been proven to be a case of where correlation does not equal causation.


  • Pros: Regardless whether you're bulking or cutting....if you're having trouble hitting your daily macros (total calories, carbs, proteins, and fats), then for some people smoking weed can be beneficial. The munchies will increase your appetite and that will defiantly help you hit those calories. Just don't go crazy and start eating junk food and other highly processed foods.

  • Cons: How ever if you already ate all your calories during the day the munchies can be a very bad thing!! A lot of people will smoke weed and end up eating anywhere from 200 to 500 to 1000 calories more than what they need. To sum it up depending on the person you are, the munchies can be an aid towards your progress or a threat.

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Intensity & Motivation

When you're in the gym, you're supposed to give it your all. What that means is that you can't walk in the gym and workout feeling relaxed. Get intense and destroy those weights! Your muscles only grow and get stronger if you give them a reason to.

A lot of people smoke weed and get high and lose that motivation to push hard. It makes them feel lazy and way too relaxed even when they’re not high.  If you know that you're one of those people, then this can be a serious threat. The gym is not a place to chill to socialize. It’s a place where you stay silent and push yourself past your limits.

BUT.... there are some pot heads that either feel motivated to push hard from smoking weed or are uneffected from the use of it. Some people actually have their best workouts while high as a kite. They break their personal records, destroy those muscles fibers and even progress.

Summing Up

Smoking weed can give you some benefits and some problems. If you know that smoking weed is going to mess up your gains then don't smoke it or smoke it on a rare occasion. Remember your body is a lot more important than smoking weed because your body is here with you until you DIE!  Personally, I know for a fact that I can't smoke weed because I know that it will be a threat for me.

Here in SHF we are always against drug use of any kind but of course it is your responsibility to judge this information and decide whether to adopt it or not. At the end of the day it comes down to this : is it worth it risking your gains and results in the gym for some temporary "fun"?

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I use medical marijuana so I can sleep at night.  Without it I get 2 hours of sleep, 1 hour awake...repeat for years.  With it, I get 5 hours in a row!

Sleep is vital for muscle growth, so pot is vital for me.  :-)

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@cybrsage absolutely. Like anything, a lot of problems happen when people start abusing it rather than using it for medicinal purposes.

Cybrsage  Edit  Delete  Close

@scott_herman I never thought of The Mummy! Good description of it.

The key thing is to remember that the marijuana is medicine, not Recreation. If it's treated like it's a medicine, it can do wonders and not hurt any workouts. But if it's treated as Recreation then all bets are off.

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@cybrsage damn that sounds intense - like something out of The Mummy having insects crawling in your legs haha. I guess as a medicinally approved option for your situation, it's OK!


without a doubt weed kills your motivation. that is a fact it makes you lazy and unmotivated, you can still workout while smoking weed hell you can even workout high but you are not going to be working out as hard.

Cybrsage  Edit  Delete  Close

@joemcl7 It depends on of you use an indica strain (makes you sleepy) or a sativa strain (does not induce sleep), and what your gym plans are.

I did some Blue Dream before cardio.  Blue dream indices feelings of happiness and euphoria.  IOW, I started with. Runners high.  30 mins later, heart rate between 140 and 150 the entire time, I was still happy...tired, but happy to be doing cardio.

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

Not to mention it kills your brain cells.  Stoners are just ridiculous.  Waste of space.


Weed is legal here in CO. Which I think is why it is getting over crowded and the housing market is out of control! I love this article and agree with it 100% Marijuana along with everything can be abused if you do not stay in control of your mind and body. I want to also add it does aid in sleep but like sleeping pills(better than pills) it will catch you if you still don't get your full night of sleep. It is also a great pain management. Great article!

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

Damn, that must be getting annoying with all the overcrowding.  Not good!


I think I am one of the few people left in the world who hasn't even tried a cigarette, let alone weed.  Just not my thang.


thanks for the publish!!


I agree with Rishi on this.  Why we waste tax dollars trying to thwart the use of a drug that is less harmful than alcohol or tobacco is beyond me.  That being said, I do believe it has no place for a person seriously committed to building the best physique possible.  Don't get me wrong, even Arnold got baked every once in a while in his youth but this was the exception not the rule.  It is too easy to fall from casual use to regular use with ANY substance that affects brain chemistry - nicotine, alcohol, sugar, cocaine, marijuana.  

THC, the active compound in Marijuana, whether in liquid or inhaled form does affect testosterone levels and more often than not lowers it.  There is great debate on this as everyone's biochemistry is different and there are plenty of bodybuilders who get high that have seen no detrimental effect as there are bodybuilders who have.  At the end of the day, if you are 110% committed to a goal you will not do anything - no matter how small or infrequent - that could potentially sidetrack you.  For me, Marijuana is of no interest to me and my fitness goals.  Also, Singapore has some of the strictest drug laws in the world and any controlled drug, like Marijuana, that you have in your posession above a legal limit mandates a death sentence by questions asked :-0

jmboiardi  Edit  Delete  Close

I understand your point and I agree.  However as our country learned during Prohibition, there are just some things people will find a way to do no matter what.  I believe spending money fighting narcotics abuse is a better use of funds as besides causing intoxicated driving they also lead to serious health and social issues which cost more in the end.  Marijuana falls below acohol and slightly above nicotine in that regard in my opinion.  Alcohol is the most intriguing of them all is it causes more health and social issues than all illegal drugs combined yet is socially and legally accepted.

SittingPress  Edit  Delete  Close

Obviously this is not really the place for this debate on the legality of marijuana, but if you must know why some feel it's worth it to waste tax dollars trying to thwart the use, or in the least, not legalize. We have far too many cases of intoxicated drivers on the street as it is. I personally don't care what people do to themselves in the privacy of their own homes but when it comes out on the streets and gives one more threat on the roads, then that affects us all. Marijuana does not have a breathalyzer test that is readily used on roadside stops, its use is prevalent both morning, noon and night by it's users and making it acceptable will increase overall usage. I just don't think it's worth the risk. I would also subscribe to the camp that would like to see all intoxicated driving eliminated and so if it were possible, then alcohol would be in that list too, what we cannot go back on is obvious, we cannot reverse what is done, unfortunately, but need we compound it? This issue is not black and white and really comes down to perspective and preference, and that’s mine.


i believe that Marijuana can be useful as a liquid medicine.. you know like nyquil or ibprofen , i heard a story here on the news last year as it was a debate about it here in texas, it was about a mother who was giving her child some marijuana, but not as a something to smoke but as something to drink , she would grind it up and turned it into a liquid, and it helped with the little boy to stop his sezures.. ,  but like any medicine, moderation is key.i myself dont smoke and i dont mind those that smoke as long as they are safely in their homes , i have seen plenty of times from alot from people i know , that when they smoke marijuana...there reaction time is very slow, so it would be safer for them and for others to do so in their homes and not on the road driving. but other than that, you do draw out some interesting points on this article 


hahah. so weird :) it make remembered my friend :D