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Make Training A Lifestyle, Not Your Entire Life

Remember To Have Fun!

Posted by William_Steinset - April 18th, 2015

My name is William Steinset and I love bodybuilding and strength lifting. I have been training for 4 years and I am very happy with myself and my life. I have over the past time learned a lot about myself and what is important in my life and I wanted to convey that message to others. I want people to look into their lives and think about what makes them happy and what they really want to do with their time here on earth.

It is great that we all love working out and eating healthy. However everything has its limits, for instance it may not be the best idea to train heavy squats on a day where your stomach hurts insanely bad. If we are doing this to become healthier, stronger and have more muscle, we need to have limits. The health should always come first. If you knew that you would faint, if it meant the workout of your life?

I love training and I love eating, hence the reason why I go to the gym 5 times a week and eat 6-10 meals a day. However I have days where this is not the case. I have days where it is no time in the gym, only 4 meals and a couple of beers. This is about letting yourself relax and have a good time every once in a while. Most people do not have an issue with doing this, but some people who have a huge passion for anything that has to do with training, do. It took me many years to actually realize what was important in life, and it certainly is not the size of my biceps. It is about friends, family and living life in the most enjoyable way possible.

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I know some people will have the question: «Well if I love training, why should I not do it as much as I do? This is what I love! ». And I agree, but let me put it in contrast to something else. Would you rather: go parachuting with a bunch of friends, or have a lonely leg workout? For me the answer is simple and it should be for you as well! Life is all about experiencing new and exciting activities, not just stay in the same pattern day in and day out. While I agree that doing a well thought out training plan for 12 weeks is great, doing something completely different after those weeks should take place. Take a rest week where you do something else, it does not have to be expensive vacations. Visit those friends you were supposed to visit 12 weeks ago or take night strolls with someone you love every day that week. This is life, doing something with others that make great memories. At the end of the day, do you really look back at any given workout at all and think: yeah, those were the times! Blasting my triceps was the best thing all year long!

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«The normal days» or «The regular days» is the majority of most people lives. Waking up, going to work, getting a workout in and going home. This is the normal activities in life and there is very little to do about it. But one can make a normal day a lot more exciting, simply by doing something out of your comfort zone. Go ask that girl to go out with you, or go to that gathering where you do not know anyone that your friend invited you to. It is these small details and great memories that make life worth it!

I also want to touch on the topic «alcohol is not good for your muscles nor your body». It is true, if you drink a lot more than you should. But letting lose every once in a while and enjoy that amazing brew you have been craving for so long under your workouts. One should never prioritize their muscles in front of living life and having fun. How many times have you gone to a party and thought, I should not drink more, it is not good for my muscles? But this also has to come in moderation; you can drink alcohol and have a good time, just not too much and too often. Being healthy the majority of the time is good as long as you allow yourself not to be healthy sometimes.

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Bodybuilders and professionals do not always have this option to relax, remember that. If you do not make a living based on your appearance you actually have a choice. Do not become that person who never attends parties at high school because of workouts and protein shakes. It is great to focus on health and fitness but do not become obsessed. But you need to allow yourself to enjoy life as well ! Remember, we have ONE life!! Do not spend your entire life focusing only on yourself and your muscles. Do new things, explore the world, taste new foods and get married! If you love training that is great, make it a part of your life and adapt it accordingly.

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My point is, training is great and fun; however you have to allow yourself to do something else, like going to a party or spending more time with the people who love you. When training is your lifestyle you can easily do other great activities and enjoy best of both worlds! I am not saying go crazy and drink alcohol every weekend, I am simply saying this: Make training a lifestyle, not your entire life!






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Training isn't where I'm obsessing. Diet is racking my brain.

jcgadfly  Edit  Delete  Close

Did it - too many things are messing with my head...

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

If you need help with your diet you know what to do @jcgadfly..just post in the @forums :-D


Solid advice. For me, bodybuilding is all about enhancing my life. I LOVE going to the gym. I train with my best friend and am surround by great friends while training. The atmosphere is awesome! I usually go at times when my family is busy (either working or at school), so it doesn't take away from time with them. It's not just about aesthetics... it's about happiness. Training is an instant mood booster for me. It's my serenity. I'm at peace. I head home and give the best of myself to my family.

The key for me after 25+ years of lifting, is enjoying the process and appreciating the journey.


Finding the balance between training and life is hard. Thanks for the insights!


Hey @william_steinset, I just read this article and I can't believe I missed it when it was published a few months ago. It's a fantastic article! Thanks for posting. 

The message itself is simplicity itself: go and live your life. But I wonder whether some of us are driven by that internal voice that tries to convince us that we're somehow inadequate or if some of us are kind of addicted to training. That post-workout pump and those endorphins are pretty powerful. 

For me, like many of us, it's all about trying to get a workable balance between all the things that compete for my attention and doing something for myself most days. In any case, thanks for the thought-provoking article. 


Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

You slacker @philflorey! haha

Balance is key for sure, something I am still working with.


The hard part for me is getting out of my head. No matter how much weight I lose or what gains I have made - I have this fat guy in my head who insists that he is the guy I am, not the one I see in the mirror.

William_Steinset  Edit  Delete  Close

I think you are to much in your head. You need to try getting out of your head. A great tool in order to achieve that is meditation combined with stretching and foam rolling. Spending time with your body, not thinking with your head will allow your body to think and feel for itself without the head getting in the way with its negativities.


I agree, also it was easier when I was younger to do nothing but the gym because I didn't have as many responsibilities as I do now.  It is about balance.  Great work @william_steinset!


awesome article and so true, i have been working out everyday and on the weekend i just rest and relax with my family, my daughter has no school and my wife is off from work on the weekend, its a weekend to just wake up late and have a good breakfast together and lunch and dinner, a weekend to enjoy each others company:) i hope all us hermanites have a wonderful weekend

William_Steinset  Edit  Delete  Close

Thank you ! Sounds like your family life is on point and you have found good balance in life ! Have a nice weekend !


Great article! I'm also coming up on 4 years of training and I was thinking about this very thing the other day. I realised that I have dedicated so much time to the gym, I've neglected so many other aspects of my life. Recently, I've wanted to catch up with friends and family but at the same time wanted to make sure I was being healthy, so I invited my friends and family to go on hikes with me and it woked out great!

There are a lot of nature trails where I live so it wasn't anything my non lifting friends coudn't handle. It was fun and I was able to clear my mind and be one with nature. Once I spent a week doing that, I got back into the gym and I felt so refreshed and I had the best workouts than I've had in the past year! Like you said, we have the choice to adapt and work our lives around the gym instead of letting the gym comnsume every other aspect in our life. 

William_Steinset  Edit  Delete  Close

Thank you ! Being out in nature is definitely something we need to not neglect. It is such an amazing form of fun and enjoyment. I can imagine your workouts being insane after that trip. 


Damn great article. We need more material like this. This was deep.

Whisper  Edit  Delete  Close

haha no worries! Word auto correct :P

This will be posted on facebook today, should get a ton of shares.

William_Steinset  Edit  Delete  Close

Oh, you corrected that ? Haha xD Sorry about that !