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Learn How To Safely Crack Open A Real Coconut!

Do You Love Coconut Products? Try It from The Real Natural Source!

Posted by ChefLuke - May 8th, 2016

The popularity for coconut products has increased greatly over the years. The water/milk alone from the fruit has rare fatty-acids and enzymes that increase the immune system and promote better nutrient digestion. However, the tropical tree fruit did not become super popular just from its taste and health contributions.

Coconuts are used for hair & skin care products, cooking oils, smoothie mixes...the list goes on! To make these products, companies utilize the inside of the coconut shell which is where “the meat” is located.

Today I will show you how to pick out a healthy and ripe coconut, and how to correctly (and safely) crack it open and remove the meat!

What Should You Look for?

Dark brown coconuts are the matured ones found in stores. They should have three holes and no visible mold. If there is any greyness, there could be fungus inside so stay away from grey coconuts. Once you have found a matured, healthy looking brown coconut, shake it to see if there’s water inside. If you can hear the water, it’s good to go! If you CAN’T hear water, it means the coconut is dead and has dried out meat inside.

How To SAFELY Open A Coconut

The first step is to crack the coconut and remove the water. Find the roundest and flattest hole out of the three, without the brows or ridges, and punch through the coconut shell with a hammer and nail. This will open up the hole and allow the water to drain out.  Once the hole is made, shake the coconut and drain the water. When the coconut is emptied, take a sludge hammer and tap the shell until the shell cracks open. Next, take a spoon to scrape out the meat and shred the meat using a cheese grater or zester/vegetable peeler.

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Most Common Uses Of Coconut Meat

Now that you have successfully cracked open a coconut and scooped out the meat, there are many uses for it such as:

  • Skin care
  • Cooking oil
  • Smoothie additive for flavor & Immune system BOOSTER
  • Hair Conditioner
  • Cereal Topping
  • Or you can toast the shredded coconut as a snack, etc.

But before you decide what you are going to use your coconut meat for, make sure that you research how to properly prepare it first. For example, coconuts are full of saturated fats, so if you plan to eat or cook with it you need to use it in correct proportions!

If you have a secret coconut remedy of your own that you would like to share, be sure to leave a comment below!

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