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LIVE Periscope Q & A On Exercise Form!

Colossus Fitness & SHF Talk Everything From Squats & Butt Winks To Deadlifts & Bicep Curls!

Posted by ColossusFitness - July 1st, 2015

Hello everyone, we have been experimenting with PERISCOPE to have a bit more fun engaging with all of you to answer the questions on your mind!

We broke these videos into two section below and provided time stamps so that you can browse each video to find the exercises you are most interested in.

When it comes to performing an exercise, form is extremely important. In fact, most injuries occur from not executing proper form when performing an exercise.

We hope you enjoy the videos and thank you to those of you who were live with us asking the questions.

Periscope: ColossusFitness

Periscope: ScottHermanFitness

(0:24 - 1:56)- Human Flag

(2:00 - 2:58)- Dealing With Forearm Pain From Bicep Curls

(3:00 - 7:46) Bent-Over Row

(8:20 - 11:05) Stretches Dealing With Lower Back Pain

(11:05 - 14:15) Bar Placement & Internal Belt On Squat

(14:20 - 16:30) Front Squat

(14:20 - 18:45) Reducing Butt Wink On Squat

(18:50 - 21:10) Handstand

(21:15 - 24:20) Face-Pull

(0:01 - 7:42) Conventional Deadlift

(7:48 - 14:52) Bicep Exercises

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Looks like fun, this periscope thing is very interesting :-)

ColossusFitness  Edit  Delete  Close

it really is, we had an awesome time filming it for all of you :)


Great tips guys!


Nice tips..I wil try them out.


Awesome videos @colossusfitness & @scott_herman! You guys had some solid tips in there!

Those bicep curls Josh was doing were interesting, I have never seen those before...looks like a good variation to try!

ColossusFitness  Edit  Delete  Close

Thanks Joe! Give them a try :) this was a lot of fun to film!

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

Thanks @joehurricane!  Hopefuly we can do more like this!


Man this was a lot of fun @colossusfitness!

ColossusFitness  Edit  Delete  Close

defitnely got to do a round 2 sometime :)