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How To Shrink Your Fat Cells

Secrets To Looking Lean & Shredded!

Posted by BodiesByTim - September 21st, 2014

Being so involved in the Fitness Industry has given me the pleasure of meeting some very educated professionals.

The techniques and methods they described to me I have used over the years with great success.

That being said, I wanted to share with you some of the amazing ways to minimize your body fat and encourage some stubborn fat to say “Good Bye!”

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Sip Green Tea Before You Eat…

A hot cup of tea 20 minutes prior to a meal may help you eat fewer calories, as well as provide your body with ALA. An acid used to produce energy with your food. Better yet, Chinese white tea actually reduces the growth of new fat in the body and breaks down fat in existing cells.

Eat Grapefruit In The AM…

Every use from, eating grapefruit in the morning, to sniffing it at the market before purchase has shown to significantly raise the body’s metabolism. A new and very popular way is buying a grapefruit scented essential oil to burn in your kitchen or at desk.

Eat Eggs For Breakfast…

I was told in one study, people who had two eggs for breakfast lost 65% more weight than those who had a carbohydrate based meal. Also, people who eat protein- and fiber-rich breakfasts have lower levels of hunger hormones later on in the day.

Always remember that the food you eat and the fluid you drink is incredibly powerful and can benefit you in many ways. Never underestimate a clean meal, a good lift and a run outside!

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It's green tea for tommorow haha!! Great article man...

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

nice tip @crood. Always nice to learn how to make things taste better!

crood  Edit  Delete  Close

lol Rel, you might want to try green tea from teabags first maybe with some taste like strawberry / lemon/mint added. They are very mild and don't taste bad. And another mistake some people make is to brew green tea as extensively long as they do with black tea. Don't do that. Green tea becomes very bitter and sometimes even a bit sour on top when its been drawn too long in the hot water.

Hope that helps :) (and yes green tea is awesome ^^)

Rel  Edit  Delete  Close

Just tried green tea Scott, It tastes awful haha!!! but my taste buds are adjusting on every sip hahaha!!


Can you provide primary literature references for the studies you are discussing?


Eggs are a superfood.....the whole egg including the yolk. It is a shame too many people are still scared of whole eggs due to the cholesterol and fat cause heart disease myth to realise this.




Green tea is another fantastic beverage with 1000s of years of history proving its power.

noXcuses  Edit  Delete  Close

Thank u @jmboiardi and @crood for taking the time to answer in such a comprehensive way. I appreciate it.

jmboiardi  Edit  Delete  Close

@edwin - I understood where you were coming from :-) I am not an expert in the field but I was a Bio/PreMed student early in college before I switched to Psychology and Economics and I like to understand things as I don't take everything at face value. As Judge Judy famously says "If it doesn't make sense, it's not true". Cholesterol makes up the membranes of all your cells, 25% of your brain, is a key component along with saturated fat for all your hormones, and your liver manufacturers it. If cholesterol was truly the cause of disease states, why would your body make and need it in the first place? Unfortunately, our entire food industry is profit motivated (Check the Articles section here at as I just wrote an article on this) and our medical establishment is only trained to match your symptoms to the appropriate drug not find and cure the root cause which drives money for Big Pharma. One has to be educated to extract truth from speculation and the beauty of the Internet is the info is there for the finding.




The irony is that in the majority of cases it is cheaper to buy natural foods and cook yourself than all the pre-packaged processed crap that is out there. They always tell you to shop at the edges in a food store - supermarkets concentrate all the processed food in the center aisles and push the fresh food and non-processed foods to the sides and corners. This is because we tend to gravitate to the center when in an open space. Next time you are food shopping, check it out. Look where the vegetables, fruits, fish, fresh meat, and organic sections are versus all the processed foods. You will find them on the sides and back of the store.




As to your question, the sugar in milk is a natural sugar. Bread, unless it is 100% WHOLE grain - not multi-grain or some other marketing BS - should be avoided. It is full of sugar and processed carbs. Remember, it is not just sugar directly but also simple and processed grains and carbs that quickly get converted to sugar that must be avoided.


This is so true Tim and this is EXACTLY why I preach LEAN GAINS!  If you "bulk" you are just creating more fat cells and will make the future harder to staying lean. Great tips as always!