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How To Set Realistic Goals

Learn How To Avoid Disappointment!

Posted by brayalbertini - May 31st, 2015

Setting goals… It might seem like one of the easiest things to do, but after sitting through a health lecture on this topic, I realized that goal setting is often not done correctly. Here are some tips that I’ll pass on to you about setting yourself up for success with well-set goals.

First off, make sure all of the goals you consider are achievable and obtainable, and be realistic. No matter how much you want it, you are not going to lose 10 pounds a week in a healthy manner. A good example of a realistic goal is increasing your squat from 185 to 225 in 2-4 months.

Goals fall under two time-frame classes, short term (-3 months) and long term. (3+ months).

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  1. What Are You Trying To Achieve?
    You need to get specific. The first step in setting goals is deterring what you truly want to achieve on a more specific level. Instead of saying “I want to start working out” set goals like “I want to get stronger” or “I want to lose weight”.

  2. How Can I Achieve These Goals?
    Make a plan. Layout what you plan on doing to achieve these goals. Going into the gym on random days and doing some random exercises will not get you far…layout a routine or find a routine and stick to it for at least 12 weeks, or the recommended time-frame.

  3. Set Micro-Goals
    Micro-goals are basically goals within goals. Okay, so this one is important… and its a great tool to track your progress! Fitness goals usually won’t be achievable in a day, or week. In order to track your progress and make your goal seem much easier, break down your goal into a compilation of mini goals to meet in a shorter time frame than the big picture goal.

    Example: You are squatting 185 for 5 reps right now, eventually, you want to squat 315 for 5 reps in 1 year, in other terms you need to increase your squat by 130 pounds. To make a seeming insurmountable feat. seem not so bad, you can do something like Increase your squat by 10 pounds a month, and strive to meet those smaller goals!

  4. Reward Yourself
    This was a great point brought up by a classmate. In order to keep yourself motivated, you need to reward yourself reasonably, you need something to look forward to. A prime example would be my instructor, he gets up every morning Monday-Thursday at 4 am. and trains a group of people boot camp style for his business Speed Matters, a private athletics training business. Every Friday he takes the day off, sleeps in an extra 2 hours, and goes to Starbucks before school. This is a goal that keeps him stay motivated without destroying his #gains.

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