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How To Eat Like Anthony Joshua

Could You Handle 4500 Calories A Day?

Posted by Dan_Smith - December 1st, 2017

Anthony Joshua is on top of the world of sport right now, let alone boxing, having recently cemented his claim as the top heavyweight champion by defeating Carlos Takam to maintain his IBF and WBO world heavyweight belts.

The Watford, England born pugilist has reignited the sport of boxing, headlining its current renaissance, with some of the biggest draws to Joshua being his very likable personality and his sheer, undeniable athleticism. Others in the heavyweight division have labeled Joshua as just a bodybuilder but he’s proven himself to have the boxing skill to utilize his immaculate frame to its maximum potential, bringing power and precision to every bout.

The key to getting fit, keeping fit, and then improving fitness and gaining muscle is having the right diet; it’s not just about picking up the heaviest object in the room. To aid the gains, people have to eat in a way which benefits the body’s ability to make gains, which is exactly what Anthony Joshua does.


How Does Joshua Maintain His Physique?

Only at 15-0-0, having started his professional boxing career just two years and six months prior, Anthony Joshua was given a huge opportunity to place himself among the best in the heavyweight division. On April 9th, 2016, Charles Martin came to the 02 Arena in London with his 23-0-1 record and IBF world title in hand.

There was a huge amount of hype surrounding Joshua at the time, as he was set to become the next great heavyweight champion thanks to his power, prowess, and physique. Moving into the public eye, the then 26-year-old was asked how he kept in such fine shape, to which he credited his Mum’s cooking and discipline: “She makes amazing food to help me recharge and prepare for fights. I spend 10 to 12 weeks being very disciplined because you can’t leave anything to chance,” he told the Evening Standard. In the run-up to a big fight, which is all of his fights these days,

Joshua needs to make sure that everything is in check, especially his diet, to ensure that he can be in perfect shape to take on the other man in the ring on fight night.


What Foods Are Joshua’s Favorites?

Everyone can appreciate an athlete who has visibly worked hard to get to the top of their game but having charisma such as Joshua’s certainly helps. People are impressed with what he’s achieved and indulge in anything that has his name on it; be it a piece of merchandise or a conversation. In an interview with Waitrose Food Magazine in August 2016, released just after he moved to 17-0-0 by defeating the formerly undefeated Dominic Breazeale, Joshua highlighted all of the foods that keep him going in times of training and in his down periods between fights.

Being of Nigerian descent, the unified heavyweight world champion says that he loves his Mum’s Nigerian cooking, such as yams, dense mashed potatoes, stew, and sweet potatoes but that he also eats a lot of fish. He also lets loose that after a fight because he’s been so disciplined for such a long stretch; he’ll indulge in some pizza, soda, and some cookies. It’s this kind of down to earth, relatable, homely presence that the 6’6’’, 250 lbs British boxer revolves his world around, which not only helps him to enjoy his training and the food that he eats but also makes him very likeable.

Thanks to this, after an incredible year both inside the ring and in the public eye, Joshua is set to join boxing legends by winning the Sports Personality of the Year award, with Lennox Lewis (1999), Joe Calzaghe (2007), and Henry Cooper (1967) among the greats to have previously won the award. Having reignited the division and the sport with his charisma, immaculate work ethic, and ability to stay on top of his physical game at all times, Joshua deserves to claim the illustrious award despite his professional boxing career still being relatively young.


A Day Of Eating With Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua eats foods that both benefit him physically but also that he enjoys, for the most part. But, being such a big and muscular person, you can bet that he needs to eat a lot. The Telegraph revealed exactly what the 4,500 calories day-to-day regime looks like for the world champion both in the gym and at the dinner table. Mornings are for cardio, preceded by a breakfast of Greek yogurt, wholemeal bread, raw eggs, a banana and apple juice. Lunch comes as a serving of salmon, bean salad, and baked potatoes before getting into some afternoon strength and conditioning training. After an afternoon snack of more Greek yogurt, muesli, and a fruit salad, he gets into his sparring practice before a dinner of chicken with mashed potatoes, vegetables, and white pitta bread.


His stringent but enjoyable diet both in the running to a fight and during his regular day-to-day life has enabled Anthony Joshua to build the body of a world heavyweight champion. Unlike many other top contenders in the division, Joshua boasts an extremely powerful and yet athletic physique that certainly gives him an edge in the ring against any current title holder in the division, as he looks to claim the two other world titles and extend his 20-0-0 record.

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