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Gut Health 101

Everything You Need To Know To Build An Ironclad Gut!

Posted by BenMudge - August 28th, 2014

When starting out at the gym it’s easy to learn or find a basic training plan. You can find them in magazines on websites and even now on social media. However, the most overlooked aspect of when you start training is nutrition.

It’s hard to get a good opinion on what you should be eating, when you should be eating it and how much you should be eating. Anyone you see in the gym that has a great physique will tell you how important a solid nutrition plan is to achieving the physique you want.

Getting The Most Out of Your Food

Optimizing your gut health should be one of main goals for your nutrition plan. Your gut is where all your food is broken down and where the nutrients within your food are released into the blood stream. This process is aided by digestive enzymes that are released by your pancreas.

You also have a lot of bacteria, known as probiotics, in your gut and their job is to help maintain and protect the gut lining. The start of this process begins in the mouth and ends at the anus.

Poor Gut Health

When your gut isn't performing at its best you will feel it and there are many things that can have an effect on your gut health.

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To list a few:

  1. Poor food choices
  2. Illness/viruses
  3. Alcohol
  4. Antibiotics

These can all have a negative effect on the lining of your gut and can cause “leaky gut”. Leaky gut is simply where a part of the lining of your gut gets damaged and allows food to go through without being properly broken down into the blood stream.

Building an Ironclad Gut

  1. Removing all non-single ingredient foods. For example a breast of chicken contains only chicken, a potato only contains potato, broccoli only contains broccoli. Simply put, if anything has been added to the food you are eating that you didn't put in there yourself don't eat it.

    Caffeine, alcohol, processed foods, poor fats and anything else that you may think be upsetting your gut. I would also suggest removing gluten and dairy in the onset as they and everything above irritate and cause an inflammatory response in the gut.

  2. Recovering is the next stage of building this machine. Consuming non-processed foods (single ingredient foods) and typical bodybuilder/“bro” foods are a great way to get started. This will simply allow your gut time to repair and recover the damaged area in the intestinal lining. The reason we consume single ingredient foods is that they rot. When a food rots it is literally consuming itself because it has digestive enzymes present already. These assist your gut to break down the food. We have all seen the fast food burger that sat for months without rotting; this was because it has been processes to the point where it is void of all enzymes.

  3. Restoration of the guts army of bacteria is up next. This is simply restoring the guts bacterial flora population via supplementation. Getting a strong probiotic with Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis is essential. When purchasing your probiotic, I suggest getting at least 15+ billion active bacteria to get started.

  4. Replacing your natural levels of bacteria in your gut is the last stage. This can be done by taking a digestion enzyme to get the optimal level within your gut. Be sure to take some organic salt to help your guts stabilize its hydrochloric acid levels as well.

Once you’ve followed these four steps you will never go back, I promise you that. Having an ironclad gut/intestinal tract is one of my top tips for achieving the physique you want.

Supplements also play a role in gaining and maintain a healthy digestive tract.  Here are a few that may help you:

  1. Probiotic- Helps increase the amount of friendly bacteria within the gut
  2. L-glutamine- helps replace and seal the gut
  3. Zinc- helps produce digestive enzymes and controls hormones like testosterone
  4. Digestive enzymes- These are very useful in the onset of rebuilding your gut health.
  5. Omega 3/fish oils- Fats that are in these are critical for hormone production

I hope you find this article helpful! Train hard everyone!

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Great read - fantastic information!


Nice article. i need to ask how to realize i need probiotic or enyzim support? what is the measure to use them?

BenMudge  Edit  Delete  Close

Hey man, sorry for the delayed response. I would take them if you get upset stomach frequently. I would always say you get what you pay for. The more expense (Generally) the better. 


GUT HEALTH!  What else you got for me @benmudge?  Great article!


Excellent article Ben. I would also add two more points of interest:


1)80% of your immune systems is in the gut. It is your first line of defense and usually the first entry point for pathogens. A healthy, balanced gut not only produces the positive effects you describe in your article but also boosts your immune system


2) Daily Intermittent Fasting (IF) is one way to keep the gut healthy. Since most IF eating protocols have you eating for 8 hours or less and fasting for 16 hours or more, this has the added benefit of not only reducing body fat but also giving your digestive system a daily break from processing food. Studies have shown IF benefits long term health.