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Goal Setting & Implementation

How To Achieve Success!

Posted by ColossusFitness - May 4th, 2015

Goal setting in my opinion is one of the most important factors to achieving success. If you never set goals in the first place, how do you find out what you sincerely want to achieve? By asking ourselves what we truly want and constantly re-evaluating it, we establish goals we’re willing to dedicate our heart and soul towards.

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It is important to include an assortment of time ranges while goal setting. You should include short, intermediate, and long term goals. Set specific dates to when you want to have something important accomplished. How much of your project do you want to have done by today? The end of the week? What percentage of body fat do you want to be in three months? Where do you want to be 5 years from now. How about 10 years? These are all different types of goals that can be set for yourself by incorporating different time periods. When you reach a short term goal, having longer term goals set will allow you to not lose focus and continue to chase your dreams.

Short term goals that lead to exactly where you want to be can be very extremely beneficial. Having milestones that you hit along the way ofamuch larger goal can, and will influence you to reach maximum capabilityby giving you more confidence and large amounts of motivation.

How many of you have certain goals or dreams that are just stuck in the back of your mind rather than written down? I’m assuming a fairly large amount. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that you have certain goals you want to achieve, but by not having them written down, they are often lost in the mix and excitement of new problems, challenges and decisions.

“Reduce your plan to writing.... The moment you complete this, you will have definitely given concrete form to the intangible desire.” —Napoleon Hill

It’s important to get into the habit of not only writing your goals down, but reviewing them daily. When you review your goals first thing in the morning it’s more likely that the actions you do for the rest of the day will have an impact on and relate to the certain goals you want to attain.

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Having your goals established and written out will always give you something to work towards. It is a constant reminder of what you need to accomplish. When you feel unmotivated to get something done, you can depend on simply reviewing your goals to get you back on task.

Having goals written down can also be super motivating to look back to. If you’re ever feeling unmotivated you could just look back at some of the goals you’ve set and achieved, and realize how much you’ve really accomplished. On the contrary, it will also hold you more accountable for failure. If you do not have your goals written out, you can’t look back on the process the process. Realizing you failed on or didn’t reach what you were hoping for, can be insanely motivating and cause you to work even harder, and set out new approaches.

Set your goals, write them down, and review them daily to reach your maximum potential of success!

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- Kyle Grondin

Colossus Fitness “Don’t Compete. Dominate.”

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Writing your goals down is definitely very important! Really nice article ColossusFitness!