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5 Ways To Spark Your Fitness Lifestyle

Don't Wait Until Tomorrow To Get Started!

Posted by acarneiro - May 28th, 2016

Training can become stagnant after a while. The same reps, the same sets, the same exercises, sometimes even the same gym can be somewhat un-motivating to return too, if you have been going there for a long time and know everyone who goes there at the same time you usually go. So what are five things you can do to spark and spice your training to ensure you still keep progressing on your workouts and don’t feel like you are just reliving the same workout you've always been doing?

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1. Change The Setting

From personal experience going to the same location time after time can actually become de-motivating. Have you ever switched gyms before and felt something different? New people working out there, new equipment you are excited to try? New amenities etc. These things can actually make a big difference in your mental status, which can dramatically change the way you feel about training for that day, and also change your outcome for the long run. From gym to gym there can be a huge change in equipment which can be a huge change for the way you train and challenge yourself. Different equipment means different ways to challenge and trick your body into new growth, but it also means that you will probably be excited to try it and come back to do something different the next time. That excitement turns into a better mental mindset for you to train.

2. Change The Time You Workout

Most of us follow a routine. We get up, we get breakfast ready, some of us get the kids ready for school, then we go to work etc. How about breaking that monogamy a little and trying something different? For example, many of you will have 45-60 minute lunch break. Have you tried performing a fast HIIT workout during this time to wake yourself up and have energy for the remainder of the work day? Or have you tried waking up earlier in the morning and going out for a run? Being in a routine time after time can indeed become very boring and you don’t have anything new to look towards. Change how your day operates, and try training at a different time of the day. You have 24 hours in a day, so you have plenty of options.

3. Change Your Style Of Training

From personal experience after 10 years of training with a strength and hypertrophy hybrid, I know I got bored.  In fact, I picked up two new activities to keep my lifestyle, mind and body in shock. I included cross fit and spinning into my training. Changing your style of training doesn’t mean you have to completely drop your main style though. For me, hypertrophy training will always be my go-to style of training. But there’s different ways to approaching hypertrophy and strength. There’s no single best method, and by switching my routine and style of training, I feel like I found a whole new way to experience my time inside the gym. By also including other activities, I feel like everything isn't all black and white anymore, but instead my fitness lifestyle is like a rainbow of color. Add something different into your training, and mix things up to keep on progressing.

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4. Change The Way You Eat

Most people I talk too quit during their first month of trying to eat healthy and train consistently. But what is eating healthy? Is it eating to reach certain macros for your goals? Or it’s to keep your weight in check and at a healthy level? Or is it so you feel and perform good? In a way, it should be for all of the above, but there are so many ways to get there and only trying one or two ways to get there isn’t enough. Diet’s don’t work. Let’s just stop saying they do because for most people dieting means putting their true habits on hold until they reach their desired weight and then they go back to old habits.  But there’s different approaches to eating that don’t mean you have to give up everything to reach your goals.

There’s paleo, flexible dieting/IIFYM, keto, internment fasting etc. There are so many different ways to eat and trying a few for a while to see if it fits your lifestyle is key. If you don’t try it how do you know if it works or not? Reading online reviews don’t help. Like training, nutrition is something that needs to fit us and our mindset so it’s crucial to have an open mind and trying different ways and to get excited about what and how you eat.

5. Change Your Mindset

For many, this should be the most crucial. Changing the way you see the world and the way you see fitness is the most important thing you can do for yourself. If you have no interest in looking like a physique model that’s fine, but you should at least have the desire to change your mindset to wanting to be a better version of yourself. If you cannot change your mindset then the battle is already lost. You must find a way. Find the right training, during the right time, with the right nutrition that fits you and your lifestyle. If you are doing something because someone else did it before you or is still doing it and it worked great for them, doesn’t necessarily mean it will work great for you. By changing your mindset and being open to change and being open to wanting to change will enhance everything. You can’t live with a closed mindset when it comes to fitness. There’s too many ways to get to the same destination and it’s crucial you find yours.

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Changing gym and workout routine worked out great when i tried it and i advise all these things to anyone who is bored of training.
Great post


Changing gym and workout routine worked out great when i tried it and i advise all these things to anyone who is bored of training.
Great post


Switching things up in training can definitely help keep things fresh and interesting.