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8 Upper Body Exercises You Never Knew Existed!

Creative Exercises For Maximum Contraction & Muscle Growth!

Posted by Dillon_Thornton - May 27th, 2015

Incline Plate Press
Most effective as drop set after Dumbbell Incline Press or Barbell Incline Press.

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1. Incline Plate Press

Tension Press
Squeezing plates together NOT CUPPING THEM.
Hold the plates up by pure squeeze tension. Also most effective as a drop set after DB bench or BB bench.

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2. Tension Press

Single Arm Cable Cross Body Press
Probably nothing new, just an exercise that I believe needs to be implemented more in workouts. Most effective with TUT (Time Under Tension).

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3. Single-Arm Cable Cross Body Press

Cable Pullover
I have never seen anybody else do a CABLE pull over. I do not understand why it is not more popular. As you know, the cable can add resistance to the pullover, especially at the flexion peak.

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4. Cable Pullover

Bent Arm Cable Fly
Bending the arm while doing a cable fly is nothing new. I am sure you are aware of the common poor execution of a cable fly. I have noticed that bending the arms at a 90 degree angle and having hands above your head can help people realize the concept of squeezing the pecs together instead of just bringing the arms together.

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5. Bent-Arm Cable Fly

"Troch Curls"
Name based from the trochlear of the humerus (elbow). Basically named it troch curls because I could not think of anything else better to call them. It is a bicep exercise, performed with a cable, can be used with any equipment attachment desired. Exercise is done by grabbing the cable attachment, and then stepping back till the cable weight is pulling the arms directly in front of the body, essentially putting the ELBOWS in front of the body and slightly elevated. The arms should not be in front of the body under your own force, but by the pulling resistance of the cable. Next step is curling the cable towards your body while keeping the ELBOWS in place. I prefer doing this exercise with a revere curl grip or with a rope attachment the best.

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6. Troch Curls

Reverse Stance Single Arm Cable Bicep Curl
Similar to troch curl, grab single arm cable attachment. Face body AWAY from cable machine, step far forward, essentially making your arm being pulled backwards. While keeping elbow in place, constrict the bicep.

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7. Reverse Stance Single-Arm Cable Bicep Curl

"Pinch Press"
 Also nothing new. Shoulder press with close attention to pinching the upper traps together during extension while holding the tension. Shoulder press with FULL extension, slightly behind the head, with TUT.

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8. Pinch Press

Closing Up

I hope some of these examples are something new to you. This is a small preview to the creativity that I bring into my routines. If you are interested in more of my work let me know and I can send more. I am also a strong believer in adding IronBull grips in the workout. Thank you for your time!

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Nice @dillon_thornton!  Great exercises for any routine!  Always great to see new ideas!


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