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8 Reasons Why You Are Probably Not Losing Fat

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Posted by acarneiro - June 5th, 2016

While there are MANY other factors that could be playing a role in why you aren't losing body fat, these eight following reasons are the ones that usually pop into my head first when I am talking to my online or actual clients at the gym. Make sure you are doing your best to control these, so that you can optimize your results, stay healthy, and get that body you've been working for.

1. You Are Simply Eating TOO Much

This should be pretty obvious to most people by now, but honestly, it's not. Most people do not know how many macros come with the food they are eating and simply measure it by eye-sight. They believe what you see is what you probably get, but they don’t take into consideration simple things like sauces or oils added to food. Sometimes you think you are making a healthy choice by ordering a salad at the airport or your favorite restaurant, but you could be getting a 600kcal meal without even realizing it. That's why in most places now you will see how many calories come with your meals. At the end of the day you should not be consuming more calories than what you’re using, because this will over time add weight to your body. It's not too hard, just eat fewer calories than your utilizing for the day, and over time you will lose body weight. If you consume more, you gain weight. Be aware of where your macronutrients (protein, fats & carbs) are coming from.

2. Not Eating Enough Protein
Protein has a lot more functions than the popular belief of repairing and growing muscle tissue. I have found out that it's mainly women who don't follow this rule, but there are some guys out there as well. A study published in the "Journal of Nutrition" in 2003 found that overweight women who consumed a higher protein diet lost more weight than those who followed a high-carbohydrate diet, even when calories were kept the same in both diets. Protein increases satiety at meals, which can lead to overall decreased calorie consumption. But, don’t expect any miracles or quick results from increasing your protein intake. Once you’ve determined your optimal protein/carb/fat ratio, and what types of protein your body needs for optimal health, then selecting “healthy foods” and creating your meals becomes less of a mystery.

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3. Drinking Too Many Calories
Convenience is a huge factor, so many people decide it's easier for them to drink their meals. The fist thing you probably think about when your read this post is sodas, energy drinks, sugar-loadded coffees, shakes etc. It' true that drinking too many sugary drinks is associated with weight gain, but this isn’t' what I am talking about in this case. Here I am talking about drinking too many protein shakes or carb replacement drinks. When you want to get ripped, it’s always better to chew as many of your calories as possible. The very act of chewing and digesting solid food burns more calories than drinking shakes does. Most physique competitors cut out shakes when getting ready for a show. The simple act of mastication is much better than drinking your calories. But going back to the first issue. Avoid drinking sodas that contain high amounts of sugar, as they too will increase your caloric intake for the day. Some decide to drink all their meals because it’s easier and they are busy during the day, which is completely okay, but select the right times to drink those shakes and try to eat during your other meals.

4. You Think You Are Eating Healthy

How many times have you heard that eating fruits or nuts is great for you? Well technically they are fantastic for you, as the omegas in nuts and seeds and the micronutrients and phytogens that come with fruit are awesome for your health. But guess what? In excess they carry sugars and higher calories than you think. Fat is nine calories per one gram. Now when you pick up some almonds and start snacking on them, most of the time you don't measure them, you simply estimate what 1oz is. Don't get carried away, as these seeds and nuts are highly condensed with calories, and may add to your caloric intake for the day. You’re better off filling up on nutritionally dense foods that don’t pack a lot of calories, like green vegetables. If you’re dieting, you need to limit your nut consumption to about ten almonds per serving. Not too many people can eat ten almonds. Most people eat ten handfuls so that’s where measuring your healthy meals can play a huge role in your goals.

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5. Not Training With The Right Intensity

I tell everyone to start slowly at the gym, particularly if you are just starting a new workout regimen. However, as you get used to the weights, machines etc., you need to start pushing yourself hard. I can't tell you how many times I have been to gyms and seen women curl 5lbs dumbbells and they are not even breaking a sweat. When you go ask why they don't life heavier they will probably answer "I don't want to get bulky". For women, lifting intense has nothing to do with getting bulky or big muscles. For men pushing harder is easier, as ego gets in the way and usually they actually lift too heavy for their own good. However, regardless of this, you need to push yourself hard at the gym every time you go so that you are actually creating a demand for your body to have to use its energy to push beyond it's max.

6. Too Much Cardio!

I know right? Your probably thinking to yourself, 'He just said to train intense, but now he's telling me I'm doing too much cardio?!'. Well, cardio is not weightlifting or resistance training. So many people spend countless hours doing cardio, and yet still achieve no results. Excessive amounts of cardio lead to an overproduction of cortisol, which leads to more abdominal fat and numerous health problems. If you want to do cardio that won’t actually hurt you and could do you some good, go for a long walk. Switching up the cardio to more full body exercises or movements will benefit you a lot more too, as you are incorporating several muscles into the movement of the exercise and you will burn more calories for less work.

7. STRESS – The Silent Killer

When you get stressed out, your body produces a hormone known as cortisol. This increases bodyfat storage if it’s not controlled. Most people are stressed out all day long, which means their cortisol levels are always high. That leads to an increase in bodyfat, even if your diet and training are perfect.

8. Lack Of Sleep & Rest

Going back to the previous post about stress, lack of sleep and rest will raise cortisol levels too, and your body will never fully recover. When you’re short on sleep your insulin sensitivity decreases and your cortisol goes up. Both things lead to a less than optimal fat loss environment. You also miss out on the critically important Growth Hormone boosts that comes each night during deep sleep. Make it a priority in your lifestyle to get more SLEEP!

So those are my eight reasons for why you might not be losing weight. I hope it was helpful, and I hope those of you that are having trouble losing weight, will no longer have trouble after reading this!

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Toward the day's end, try not to devour a bigger number of calories than what you're utilizing on the grounds that this will after some time add weight to your body. It's not very hard, eat less calories than your using for the day as well as use progressively Professional Essay Editor and after some time you will lose body weight, expend increasingly and you put on weight. Know about where your macronutrients are originating from.


you say "It's not too hard, just eat fewer calories than your utilizing for the day"  - yes, it is hard.  I have no idea how many calories I burn in reality.  If I'm lifting weights and stretching for an hour or an hour and half, how many calories is that?  If I walk 3-4 miles, how many calories is that.  If I do my gym's "Miles and Muscles" spin/dumbell/core class for 55 minutes, how many calories is that.  I can count all my calories - which I sometimes try to do using myfitnesspal but I'll do it for awhile and then as I watch my weight just go up and up, I'll give up on it for awhile but will try it again later.  how do I know many calories I actually burn and how many calories I actually need to fuel my workouts and allow me enough energy to make them productive?

after trying weightwatchers for about a year and half and watching my weight drop from 290 to 250 and bounce right back up numerous times to around 270-280, I gave up on WW and hit the gym.  I started off going regularly 3 times a week - over the first 2 years, I averaged over 3 days a week.  About a year ago, I switched to a 5 day a week workout and was very consistent with that until recently but I still get there 4 times a week if not 5.  I still carry a lot of fat and my weight still bounces off 250.  I'll hit 250 after starving myself and then the weight just starts to go up again.  I have added muscle and gained strength in that time but sometimes it just seems that I add muscle mass but not strength.  I've always had mass - muscular quads and calves and chest but it was just muscle mass.  I still carry large amounts of fat - my scale says about 41% body fat.

I do not eat fast food, I do not drink soda - I drink water, coffee, tea.  I don't eat a lot of red meat. My family and I order-in food on the weekend from restaurants but I try to be healthy and get something like a grilled chicken bruschetta with a side of sauteed broccoli rather than fettuccine bolognese with melted mozzarella on top (which my wife gets and its sooooo good).  I am pretty sure I don't get enough protein but if I'm supposed to have something like 150-200 grams of protein a day, that's a lot protein.  According the macros I worked out from some website, this is what I should do:

My Daily MacrosGramsCalories

I'm often over on fat and under on protein.  My breakfast almost every day is 2 eggs fried in a little olive oil - sometime with 3 strips of turkey bacon but not lately.  Sometimes I'll put that on homemade bread - sourdough or whole grain or sometimes, I'll skip the bread. I'll often put a laughing cow wedge on the bread.  I'll eat 1/3 cup 1% cottage cheese or melt a little part skim shredded mozz on top of the eggs. I'll have a banana and 3 cups of coffee and of course my blood pressure medication and vitamin d.  myfitnesspal says that's about 410 calories.

I'd always been walking/jogging so that's been a part of what I try to do at least 3-5 times a week but when my weight would get up around 270, jogging just becomes too hard on my joints so I have to walk.  I try to walk 2-4 miles 3-5 times a week.  I hike as well and the longest hike I did up until yesterday was about 7 miles but I just did an 11 mile charity hike yesterday - it was tough and it took me around 4 hours but I did it.

I manage a technical support team for a large software company for a particularly complex and buggy piece of mission critical software so I have no end of stress and besides that just simply am stressed about everything else in my life so maybe that's the actual problem.  My fitbit on sensitive setting says that although I might spend 8-10 hours "sleeping", I'm only getting 3-4 hours of actual sleep.  I'm not sure what that's all about. I was watching some sort of ad on tv (maybe a mattress ad) that said "do you wake up feeling refreshed?" and my thoughts was, "are you kidding me?  I wake up feeling like crap: sore, tired, etc"

What I've decided is that I have to stop worrying about weight as a number - i keep telling myself that.  I need to be able to walk long distances and lift heavy weights and be able to move myself freely.


great article, i really need to focus on getting more sleep and not staying up late playing Destiny lol


This article carries a bunch of great points. I also know a lot of people who lie to me, as well as themselves about their diet, which is huge! Even I have been guilty of lying to myself about my diet, and it's costly.


I'll say that for me STRESS and LACK of Sleep are the killers!  I don't care if your macros are on and you are hitting the gym ... stress and sleep will kill gains and stop you dead in your tracks.  Gotta learn stress management 

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close
you got that right. i can sleep 11 hours... if under stress... feels like 2