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Does Hypnosis Work?

How Does it Affect Our Brains?

Posted by ProAnna - March 13th, 2019

The term hypnosis evokes comical images that stem from old sitcoms and B-movies. It is surprising that many people do not believe that hypnotism is beneficial and real. Whether or not you think that hypnotism exists, a recent study by scientists proved that hypnosis produces measurable effects in your brain.

For instance, a group of German researchers in 2006 found out those patients under hypnosis experienced minimal pain when they were exposed to thermal stimuli. Whether your disbelief stems from ignorance or cinematic misinterpretations, let us explore the truth about hypnosis and its benefits as a legit form of therapy.

What Is Hypnosis?

The word hypnosis was derived from the Greek word “Hypno” which means sleep, though this is quite misleading. This is because a person under hypnosis may appear to be asleep, but in the real sense, they are very much awake. In fact they can be more awake than usual.

Hypnosis is the process that guides a person into a relaxed state where intense concentration and focused attention allows them to enter into a trance where their subconscious part is made accessible. The person remains focused in this hypnotic state, where they are not disturbed by what happens around them and can concentrate on the job at hand.

People who are in a hypnotic state are conscious. They are alert and can connect to the external stimuli surrounding them and focus much on the subconscious part of the brain where phobias, addictions, and repressed memories reside.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

Although brilliant scientists and doctors have studied the human brain for centuries now, there are countless things that we still cannot understand and Hypnosis is no exception, while we may not realize its working mechanism, science has confirmed it as a valid form of physiotherapy, assisting many people with a lot of emotional, psychological and physical problems.

Hypnosis works by tapping into your subconscious mind naturally. Doctors say that everybody enters into a hypnotic state daily without realizing it. People should know that there is a difference between meditation and hypnosis. While meditation is beneficial and therapeutic, it does not utilize the power of suggestion and cannot access the subconscious mind like hypnosis.

Methods Of Hypnosis

There are specific prerequisites that you must fulfill for you to undergo successful hypnosis. You must be able to enter into a relaxed emotional, physical and mental state. You must hire a qualified hypnotherapist to achieve incredible results. Here are some of the hypnosis methods that a professional hypnotherapist can employ:

Progressive Imagery & Relaxation – This is the most common method that psychiatrists use today. This is where the patient is guided into a state of total relaxation and focus by a hypnotist who speaks in a slow, soothing voice.

Rapid Hypnosis – This is where the mind is bombarded with forceful, fast commands to make the patient lose his conscious control.

Eye-Fixation Induction – This is a standard method seen in Sitcoms and B-movies that were mentioned earlier.

Loss Of Balance – This is almost synonymous to what all of us experienced in our childhood when parents rocked us to sleep. The loss of balance created by rhythmic rocking can cause a hypnotic state.


Whether you believe in hypnosis or not, its benefits in practice speak for themselves. If you’ve never tried hypnosis before but have been considering it, maybe this article will give you the belief that it is something you want to try so you too can experience its benefits!

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