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How To Create A Weekly Workout Plan From Home

An Important Component For Your Fitness Journey

Posted by RyanModernize - July 17th, 2016

We all know how important exercise is to our overall health, but finding a way to fit in a trip to the gym – let alone finding the money to cover the expense of a personal trainer – is a challenge too great for many of us to overcome. That doesn’t mean you have to hang up your sneakers though! With a bit of thinking about your own personal goals, and some planning, you’ll be well on your way to having a weekly fitness strategy that fits you and your busy schedule! At Home Improvement Leads, we want to help everyone take care of themselves as well as the environment. Here are our tips for how to create a weekly workout plan that works for you.

Evaluate Your Time

Making a commitment to your health means that you’ll have to make exercise a priority in your schedule, too. However, that priority doesn’t mean that you have to carve out two hours every day! Depending on the exercise program you choose, many 30 minute workouts can be just as effective as an hour long session. So long as you are consistent in your efforts, you’ll start seeing results in the weeks to come.

Set Your Strength Training Plan

Regardless of your end goal, strength training is essential. The Center for Disease Control recommends that a person work out in this manner at least twice a week in order to improve bone strength and retain muscle mass. Strength training can require as much or as little equipment as you want, and that need is largely based on your desired end goal. Resistance bands are fantastic for home use since they require virtually no storage space, and are easy to set up. But don’t underestimate the power of your own body weight either! You can easily get a full body workout in with squats, lunges, hip raises, push-ups, planks, and mountain climbers, to name a few. If you are just starting out, Muscular Strength has a beginner’s guide that can walk you through the exercises, as well as provide you with the ideal number of reps and sets.

Determine Your Cardio Program

Any activity that gets your heart pumping and makes you breathe harder than normal is going to make your heart stronger. Cardio is especially essential if you are hoping to achieve any amount of fat loss. Before you begin any aerobic activity, evaluate your current level of fitness and truthfully look at what your body can handle. If you have issues with your joints, opt for low-impact activities like brisk walking, swimming, and biking. However, if your body is able for more vigorous activity, then your options are fairly limitless. Anything from dancing to running to jumping rope can be an excellent aerobic exercise, so long as your heart rate stays elevated for around 30 minutes.


By combining strength training with a strong cardio program – and incorporating exercise into your daily routine – you’ll be well on your way to achieving your fitness goals! The key is to be consistent. Once your workout schedule is set, hang it in a place so you will see it every single day. Until exercise becomes habitual, it’s better to have as many reminders of your commitment as you can. Also, don’t be afraid to switch up an activity if you hate it. One of the perks of creating your own workout plan is that you get to pick the activities, so choose ones that leave you excited about coming back again. Now get out there and get moving!

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I use my gym time for things I can't do at home: free weights and resistance machines, and in the winter the treadmill.  At home I have a yoga mat and 2 pads for the elbows or feet, and use these to do various planks and other calisthenics.  And luckily for me there is a big dirt lot at the bottom of my driveway so I can "trail run" laps a few times a week. Recently started doing that with 30-minute sessions of high-intensity interval training (sprinting for a minute then running for a minute or 2 then sprinting...) to get what feels like a better workout in less time than my previous cardio routine of long "leisurely" runs for over an hour.


I still workout at home sometimes. I've been slowly buying weights so I can have a little home gym. Saves a lot of time


Home workouts are great, especially for the weekends.  The hardest thing for me is getting in the right mindset.  When I am home, I just want to chill!  I find it helps me by getting outside and doing the workout in the sun!