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Compound Corruption!

Add 15 - 20 Pounds To All Your Compound MAX Lifts! (Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Overhead Press)

By Anabolic Aliens Published 

Compound Corruption is a program designed to improve overall strength by increasing your four main compound lifts: Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, and Standing Overhead Press. Each muscle group is worked three times a week in order to target all primary and synergistic muscles of these compound movements which will eliminate weakness, surpass plateaus, and fix muscular asymmetries. If you follow the program you can expect to add 15 - 20 pounds to all your MAX lifts in just 4 - 6 weeks!

This program has you weekly test your 1 rep maxes of the four main compound lifts to ensure you are getting stronger and if necessary, to adjust your assistance work if weakness is to be found. For example: When you first started this program, the lower half movement (lifting the bar off the ground) of your deadlift was your weak point, therefore on Friday you were doing deadlift deficits to eliminate your weakness. Now, say three weeks in, the upper half movement (locking out) of your deadlift is struggling, you would adjust your Friday’s assistance work to rack pulls to eliminate the new weak point.

This program is a mix of strength and hypertrophy, compound and isolation movements, and assistance work.

Since we are working each muscle group three times a week, the volume of exercises for each muscle group changes per day. For example: Monday, there are three leg exercises while Wednesday there are only two. The reasoning behind this set up is to train for optimal strength while not overtraining and avoiding injury.

Compound Corruption is a six week program where you should be tracking your progress and watching yourself increase weight on your compound lifts weekly. As you see yourself gain strength, the hypertrophy and assistance work will also have you gain a lot of overall muscle size. Daily core work will contribute to your overall strength in lifts and tend to your aesthetics.

Below you can see each individual workout for the week, broken down to the exercises, the reps & sets, the tempo and the rest intervals between sets!


March 2015 - RPS New England Revolution Powerlifting Meet in the Raw Classic 181s Teen 18-19 Division

  • Squat: 440 lbs (NE Record)
  • Bench: 365 lbs (NE/World Record)
  • Deadlift: 525 lbs (NE Record)
  • Total: 1330 lbs (NE/World Record)



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My name is Mike Rosa and I am an ISFTA Certified Personal Trainer. I compete in powerlifting and Compound Corruption is the program I designed for myself to train for a meet. This meet was the RPS Power Challenge where I broke three records. I hold the deadlift, bench press, and total weight lifted records for New England in the Raw Classic 165s Teen 18-19 Division RPS Powerlifting Federation.

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This program Compound Corruption worked to great success for me and I hope it does for everyone who follows it too!

Make sure to check out for the meal planner and keep your nutrition in balance and on point while working hard in the gym. Nutrition is key!

Check us out on under Anabolic Aliens! Watch us in the exclusive section and also on YouTube for extra tips, workouts, and more!

Always enter the gym with a drive to be better than yesterday. Get stronger every day!

Never settle, no limits!!!

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