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Booze & Bodybuilding

The Quickest Way To DESTROY Your Gains!

Posted by Rishi_Ramsamooj - August 5th, 2014

I know that a lot of people like to drink alcohol. At parties, events, celebrations or even at home after a long day. If you’re not into building muscle and looking as lean as possible, continue to drink SAFELY because you’ve got nothing to worry about. However if you’re trying to build muscle, booze is a great way to KILL your gains and increase your fat storage.

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But before I go on, take a good look around at the people who abuse alcohol. It’s no secret, the majority of them are not in great shape both aesthetically and athletically.

According to David Robson, an author on, alcohol interferes with and decreases mental focus, strength, recovery, nutrition, reaction timing, your cardiovascular system (which in extreme cases can cause heart disease) the deepest stages of sleep such as SWS (slow-wave-sleep: where your body releases the most HGH) and also causes a great deal of fatigue which can drastically lower your endurance levels.

Should I keep going? Oh yes, because there’s A LOT more.

Liver function is significantly impacted following the ingestion of alcohol. Up to 48 hours after the last drink, the liver may still be metabolizing alcohol at the expense of glycogen (metabolized carbohydrate).

“Given that glycogen is vital for most of the body's cellular functions, body fatigue, cognitive decline and loss of strength will result when it cannot be used efficiently. Reaction time, balance, coordination are also impacted by this process in addition to the direct aforementioned neurochemical effects alcohol has on the brain.” (Robson:1)

Your body needs vitamins and minerals in order to maintain homeostasis and to keep your energy levels as close to 100% as possible. But when you drink alcohol, your body becomes depleted of vitamins and minerals. Your body also needs to be hydrated in order to perform at its best and recover. Alcohol dehydrates your body because it puts a massive strain on your kidneys thus causing an imbalance between your electrolytes and the water that is in your body.

Drinking also prevents your body's ability to metabolize food which will lead to excess fat and severe bloating hence the term “beer belly” even if it "fits your macros". Your body will leave all that food that you ate during the day in your belly because it will spend its time and energy metabolizing the alcohol because it sees it as a toxin and it wants to get rid of it.

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These are basically the worst effects that booze has on your body. Granted if not abused and drank in moderation you can still make gains with your training. But that will ultimately be up to you and your will to reach your goals.

In conclusion, I personally do not consume alcohol. My goal is to gain as much strength and lean muscle as possible and I don’t want anything holding me back. I know to some it might sound like a big sacrifice, but you need to ask yourself just how badly you want to see those gains!

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Great article. People also need to be aware that excessive alcohol lowers testosterone levels and actually increases estradiol (the type of estrogen found in men). This is a combination that will cause increased body fat, lack of muscle growth and protein synthesis, and low energy. Some people also get after effects to the central nervous system. Alcohol is a potent neurotoxin and if it wasn't for some key enzymes humans have evolved to neutralize alcohol it would kill us after a couple of drinks. Depression, anxiety, aggression, and panic attacks are some common side effects and the longer someone abuses alcohol the more permanent these reactions become. Robin Williams is a sad example of the long term effects of alcohol on someone's brain. Some people are more succeptible than others. Ozzy Osborne, oddly enough, has a genetic mutation that allows his body to process and absorb more alcohol than an average person. This does not minimize the damage or the addictive nature of alcohol for him but rather makes it more dangerous. We have all seen the results of his years of boozing.


The bottom line is everyone needs to understand the risks, practice moderation, or abstain all together when health and fitness is a key goal. Alcohol has its place but it is a fickle mistress - one minute staying with you and the next dumping you for a better looking guy :-)




Rishi_Ramsamooj  Edit  Delete  Close

haha thanks man! thats why Im gonna be stick to being straight edge


Coming from a Family of M.D's (my brother, sister AND Father are all Doctors), the consumption of alcohol was always seen as a "special event" and afforded a certain amount of understanding and respect, or it was associated with religious observances. Research shows that the environment in which we were raised as children will have a direct effect on how we consume alcohol as adults; currently we can read / hear about how some types of alcohol (red wines) contain polyphenols which may have some degree of health benefits, but even today that is a subject of great debate within the scientific community. There is no question that ABUSE of alcohol causes tremendous harm to the body's vital organs (and to the brain / mind), so clearly alcohol abuse has NO place within body-building or ANY healthy lifestyle.

The prevailing thought within the Medical Community is one of caution : "everything in MODERATION!" would be the best approach to take. But in many Western societies, the way in which alcohol is advertised (and associated with sports,fun, parties with beautiful people, girls in bikinis, etc...) makes "moderate" consumption and self-restraint more difficult than ever! So it all comes down to the individual, how much willpower you have and how much you can "trust" yourself to stick to the limits.

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

I agree 100% @harley1962... everything in moderation. That is key!


Greate article man.

I drink in special ocasions only(once every 2 or 3 months).

Should I stop drinking even this little to achieve my goals(body fat loss right now)?



Hawk_Given  Edit  Delete  Close

Good article Rishi. I would say it best to stay away from alcohol as it can lead to unfavorable outcomes. Like Harley says, in moderation is key.

SavvvyD  Edit  Delete  Close

True, I still haven't given up my wine and I know if I kicked it I'd be looking more cut. I'm an occasional drinker too and it does tend to make me squishy lol