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Bigger & Stronger!

The Old-School Way!

Posted by CraigNewsome1991 - March 20th, 2019

Everybody wants a body that is both aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and that exudes strength and endurance. Most of us venture to different innovative workout routines and diet just to achieve that dreamy, toned body, but these may cost a lot of cash. Although these methods might be really effective, it is not a better alternative for getting a healthy and fit body. Tracing back to where it all began, definitely the most effective and cost efficient way in achieving a bigger and stronger muscle is doing it the old-fashioned way. It is much simpler and more reliable in giving you that body you’ve always dreamed of.

Nothing Beats The Hard Way

Yes, these newly engineered and discovered exercises and food plans may take you off the road and towards the finish line the fastest way, but these would not produce the same best results that conventional methods can give. Ever since science has meddled with the keeping up the old methods with the current trends, the fun and hardship of attaining a legit stronger body has lost its way through the process. This resulted in a great looking body with buffed muscles, but a rather weaker physique.

A lot of these instant methods use various drugs and supplements like creatine and beta-alanine to help people get bigger muscles in just a matter of weeks without undergoing rigorous training. This also leads to fewer and fewer hours in the gym and more focusing on a single body part compared to the usual overall body routines. Through these drugs and supplements, your body tends to rely more on the boost in hormones for muscle building than the typical stretches and physically strenuous activities.

As we sway away from the natural methods, our body becomes weaker and more dependent on artificial alternatives and loses the true reason why we want to be bigger. The natural way may be a little rough around the edges but it will definitely provide better, quality results that skipping.

It’s All In The Principles

Old-school workouts were once well-loved by a lot of people because of the strength, endurance, and flexibility that it provided bodybuilding enthusiasts. There are actually some guiding principles that make this kind of workout very effective. Although these principles are considered very important, all of these were lost in translation and were overtaken by chemicals and non-natural methods.

Listed below are what you should bring back and incorporate in your daily workout routines to achieve bigger and stronger muscles.

  • As much as possible, allow every muscle in your body to be involved in your workout routine – Avoid doing exercises that will only focus on a specific part of your body. Try doing some routines that will provide overall growth of every inch of your body. In this way, you will get the full benefit of each workout that you do since it will stimulate all of your muscles at once. The harder the better.

  • Get your body involved in harder training – Don’t shy away from doing expert runs and exercises because these will help you achieve a toned body that is more resilient and stronger compared to artificial diets and workouts. Always remember that famous quote that goes “No pain, no gain”.

  • Use most of your time wisely – Those seasoned bodybuilders that started years before didn’t waste any time when doing their everyday routine. Compared to this generation where gym goers grab their phones or gadgets after every set, those who are still tied up with the old-school way makes sure that they only take quick breaks or sometimes perform “mini” exercises that target weak points of their bodies.

  • Stand for your decisions – If your feet dragged you to the gym even if you are feeling hungry, sleepy, or just plain having a bad day, don’t ever run the other way. Grab every opportunity that you can. You are already there so why make it harder for yourself to attain that fitness goal.

  • Train harder – Make sure that you are working every single part of your body 2 to 3 times per week because this will definitely help you achieve that bigger and stronger muscles in no time. As much as possible, stay with the basics without decreasing the strength or intensity of the workout that you are doing.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Workout

Who doesn’t know The Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger? We all know how beautifully toned his muscles are and it's all thanks to the old-fashioned way of building up muscles and strengthening them along the way.

To achieve such great body, here’s a breakdown of what Arnold Schwarzenegger’s workout looks like:

  • Complete 6 repetitions using a 100lb dumbbell
  • After which, immediately take hold of a 90 lb dumbbell and proceed with another set of 6 repetitions
  • Continue to decrease the weight of the dumbbell until you reach the 40 lb mark.

Drop sets (or burn sets) are an amazing tool for building muscle!

Conclusion – Basics Matter

In this ever-changing generation where almost everything that we do has already been taken over by technology, nothing beats sticking to the basics. Remember that attaining raw and naturally built muscles, it is very much suggested and recommended to do old-fashioned techniques while injecting the principles which are mentioned before.

Getting the right motivation and mix of exercises will help you get to that bigger, stronger and achieve that beautiful body that you always wanted to achieve. Stay away from artificial products that promise you a great body. It is always much more fulfilling to achieve a specific goal the hard way, rather than finding an shortcuts or an easy way out!

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