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At Home Forearm Workout for Less Than $15

Do This Exercise To Work Every Angle Of Your Forearm!

Posted by heyhay5212 - July 31st, 2015

Don’t let your forearms be the reason why you can’t finish a heavy lift. Having strong forearms will improve your grip strength, make you feel more secure when doing heavy lifts, and improve the aesthetics of your physique. Whether you want to improve the size and strength of your forearms or ditch your wrist straps, this at home forearm workout can help bring your forearms up to speed with the rest of your body.

What You Need

This forearm workout requires a 5 gallon bucket. You can get an empty 5 gallon painter’s bucket at a hardware store for around $3. You will also need to fill up the bucket with a dense material like rice or sand. You will need between 20-30 pounds of rice or sand to fill up the bucket. You can get a 50 pound bag of sand for less than $5 or a 20 pound bag of rice for less than $9. Filling the bucket with sand will make the workout more difficult than rice. The denser the material the harder the workout!
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Muscles Targeted

You will target over 20 muscles in your forearm with this workout. Some muscles targeted include the brachioradialis, the flexor groups, and the extensor groups.

The Workout

Start with 1 set of 25 repetitions per exercise if this is your first time doing the workout. Progress to 2-3 sets of 25 reps before adding more reps to each set. Start by burying your hand in the bucket. If the hand is deeper in the bucket then there will be more resistance placed on the forearms. For wrist and elbow movement exercises, start with the hand in a fist while doing the movement. Progress the exercise to an open hand to increase the difficulty of the wrist and elbow movement.

Finger Opposition:  Start with hand open and touch the thumb to the first finger and return to starting position. Touch the second finger and repeat until all fingers have been touched by the thumb. One rep counts once all the fingers have touched the thumb.

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Alternating Fist: Alternate opening and closing the hand into a fist. Perform this exercise with a 1-1 count.

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Wrist Flexion & Extension: Alternately flex and extend the wrist similar to a wrist curl. Perform this exercise with a 1-1 count.

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Wrist Ulnar & Radial Deviation: Alternately move hand side to side similar to waving goodbye. Perform this exercise with a 1-1 count.

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Wrist Circles: Rotate hand clockwise and counterclockwise in the rice. One full circle equals one rep.

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Elbow Pronation & Supination: Twist hand similar to opening a doorknob. Perform this exercise with a 1-1 count.

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Grip: Grab a handful of rice/sand and bring hand out of the rice/sand. Keep hand above bucket while wiggling fingers and squeezing all the material out of hand. Repeat. One rep equals one handful.
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Great article! I've been starting to work forearms. I want to be able to rip a phonebook in half


Forearms: I lift weights, lift heavy boxes for Mother or all women!

heyhay5212  Edit  Delete  Close

It's nice to know there's still some gentlemen out there @idris!


Can never have enough forearm strength !

heyhay5212  Edit  Delete  Close

There's nothing wrong with looking like Popeye!


very interesting, but i can see how this works, and i would love to get bigger forearms, thank you @heyhay5212

crood  Edit  Delete  Close

deadlift and bendover rows and pullups and they'll grow =D


Looks like it's time to go and buy a bucket of sand! Although you forgot to mention another item in the 'what you will need''ll need some forearms too! :D

heyhay5212  Edit  Delete  Close

Ha lol.  You'll look like Popeye in no time!


thats certainly an interesting way of training your forearms! nice work!

heyhay5212  Edit  Delete  Close

Thanks! I hope it gives you some new ideas!