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Are You Overtraining A Particular Bodypart?

Why Not Give Lagging Bodyparts a Chance to Catch Up?

Posted by TimeIsMuscle - June 22nd, 2016

When it comes to building an all-round, equally developed physique, you want your body to reflect equal symmetry and proportions. However, this ideology is often short-lived due to the common trend that people tend to display when it comes to training certain body parts "too much".

Are You Paying Too Much Attention To A Specific Muscle Group?

I believe at some stage, everyone who has ever lifted a dumbbell is guilty of paying too much attention to a certain muscle group. Personally, having reflected on my own journey through building my physique, I can honestly say my chest is far "too big" in comparison to some of my other body parts, such as my back. This is largely down to my love for performing powerlifting style barbell bench presses, over exercises such as barbell rows, ever since I was a teen.

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What Can You Do To Fix Muscle Proportion & Symmetry Imbalances?

The answer is simple – Train the muscle groups that are lagging behind more frequently than the muscle groups that are already well developed. Do this until you can see a more equal balance in both proportion and symmetry across your body. However, having said that, people will continue to neglect this straight forward solution. This is often down to an individual’s training habits, or general exercise preference. For example, legs are one major body part that many people avoid training, and many people have upper bodies which are not properly proportioned with their lower bodies.


If you want to make improvements, you have to be willing to make some changes, both inside and outside the gym. Your exercise routine and diet will require modification for you to see significant changes in your muscle proportion and symmetry. However, if you make these changes, you give yourself a better chance of achieving a well-balanced physique. For me, that means giving my back more attention so that it is properly proportioned with my chest.

Now it’s time for you to ask yourself this – “What's my lagging body part/s, and what am I going to do to improve them?”

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That was a well-written article! My lagging body part is chest. Let's see how my chest is going to develop in the Summer Shred Challenge!


yeah it is a straight forward solution for sure man!  Just train the lagging bodyparts twice a week!