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Advanced Calisthenics: The Planche

Learn How To Master This Advanced Movement!

Posted by kevinkoprol - July 27th, 2014

If you’ve ever seen videos about advanced calisthenics or bodyweight workouts, chances are that you have seen the planche. It is a very well-known element in the gymnastics world and most people would agree that the planche is an awesome looking move.

The planche is a kind of a stance where your body is horizontal and you are supporting the weight of your body on your fully extended arms. As you can imagine this stance requires a great deal of strength, coordination and balance. However, although this is an advanced move, it is pretty easy to train for and I will explain to you how in the coming section.

I will be performing the movement using parallel bars. If you do not have access to parallel bars you can easily construct your own.

Image title

Your Planche Training Begins!

The difficulty of the planche lies in the position of your center of gravity (COG), the more you straighten your body, the more your COG moves toward your feet. This means that your hands need to move more toward your feet, which makes the planche harder to do. Therefore, the shorter you make yourself, the easier the planche will become. This fact will be used to train for the planche.

Begin by performing tucked planches. This will help you to understand the feeling the movement and strengthen your body.

As you become stronger, try to straighten your body. This can be done by straightening your back and pushing your knees away from your torso. As you build strength from that position, the next step is to try to extend one leg back. (See attached video)

Once you’ve built enough strength, you can begin training to be able to perform the planche with your legs spread. This will help keep the COG a bit closer to your shoulders making it a bit easier to build more strength as you get ready for the full planche! (See attached video)

Lastly, another great way to build some extra strength for performing the full planche is to lower yourself into a leg-spread planche from a handstand.

However, to perform this movement you must first be able to properly perform a handstand. (See attached video)

There you have it guys! Now let’s see how many of you can master this movement and be sure to post a photo of you doing it in the comment section below once you do! #HTH

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Other then practice, as the video shows, what exercises (limited to calisthenics) would you suggest as a training. I currently do a lot of calisthenics and my pushups have increased from 39 to 72.

biglou111  Edit  Delete  Close

I'm going to see if I can start with a trx



Nice Article kevin!

This kind of training is really tough.. though I would like to give it a try and I'll let you now.

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

It will be hard... but give it a month or two and I bet you will make great progress!