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Location: Cleveland, Ohio, USA Gender: Male Neck: 14.125 in Chest: 36.75 in Goal: Gain Muscle Forearm: 11.45 in Hip: 39.125 in Age: 32 Calve 16 in Shoulder: 44 in Height: 6'2" Arm: 13.5 in Waist: 32 in Weight: 178.8 lbs Thigh: 23.5 in Body Fat: 13.6%
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My name is Dustin, I'm 30-years old and I am in the process of finishing up my most recent (and most successful) bid to lose weight. Since March 14, 2017 I have lost just over 99 pounds getting down from an obese 280 to a MUCH healthier 179. I intend to lose another 10 pounds by the March 29th to finish off before switching gears into building muscle. My hope is that by March 2019 I will be at the healthiest I've ever been at 190 with about 8% body fat and the most muscle anyone has ever seen on me. When this all started for me last year, I had thrown my back out after getting to the biggest weight I've ever been in my life. I had yet another cold that instead of only kicking around for a week lasted for nearly a month. I was seriously unhealthy and in a lot of pain. Adding insult to injury--literally--I was busting out of my 44" pants and even my XL tops weren't fitting right in places. I finally had the time and space to put my foot down and say "no more" and have been losing a steady average of 2 pounds a week since. I'm now currently down to a 32" waist and a medium-slim in tops. Something I literally have not seen since middle school. I have been big my entire adult and adolescent life. My body is now as I have never seen it before and I'm still looking at shaving another half inch off my neck. I want to complete the transition of turning flab into fab by not stopping with just weight loss but smashing my body fat percentage and building muscle to properly fill out my clothes. I'm already healthier in my 30's than I've been throughout my teens and 20's and I mean to keep making those improvements.

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