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Location: Sun Prairie, Wisconsin Gender: Male Neck: 15.5 in Chest: N/A Goal: Gain Muscle Forearm: N/A Hip: N/A Age: 56 Calve N/A Shoulder: N/A Height: 5'7" Arm: N/A Waist: 30 in Weight: 185 lbs Thigh: N/A Body Fat: 11%
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I have struggled with my weight nearly 40 years. Trying many different ideas and diets to lose weight, but as most know you lose some weight then throw in the towel and gain back more than you lost Ugh… Well in the last 10 years I have tried quite a few plans and failed. My wife at the time worked for Meriter and told me about the "Healthy Weight Program". I was reluctant to go until I had A life threating event October 19th 2016. I was diagnosed with a Pulmonary Embolism which made me dig deep and change my life for good. After all I'm not getting younger, but still want to have many years ahead of me. Well I made a decision to get help from "HWP", the best decision I have made "besides asking my wife to marry me" in my 52 years. The HWP team was absolutely amazing. They gave the support, tools and care better than ANYTHING I have ever tried in 40 years. They have helped me in every way I needed to be successful and lose nearly 200lbs in 14 months. They continue to help and educate me on the role of maintaining and ways of keeping the loss a permanent way of life. Could not be happier and I literally owe my life and a huge thank you to the whole team. Michael S. Bitter

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