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12 Week Transformation Challenge

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three programs to choose from!, Built your body of your dreams!
push, pull, legs!


five day bodybuilding split

Transform your body with high volume bodybuilding splits that were created with my own special twist to push your further in your training that you ever thought possible!

twelve week home program

Challenge yourself to BUILD MUSCLE & SHRED FAT with a series of workouts that can all be performed at home and the best part is that you can do them in REAL TIME with me!

Community Feed


Picked up some new gym shoes! A little self reward for making it this far and to keep me going! Plus my old shoes were several years old and way too squishy for squatting, had to start  taking them off everytime, but these are great! Awesome arch support, really helps keep my knees feeling solid. 


Just finished Bulk Back.  Time to start making tonight's dinner, tomorrows breakfast and lunch.  


Oh man, I do so much commenting I never make new posts of my own!!!  So I have been doing CHEAT & RECOVER for a while now and I love it.  You guys can incorporate this method with PUSH, PULL, LEGS or the 5 Day Bodybuilding Split if you want to give it a try.  Did it on legs last night.. Can't walk.. but I did find a new way to cheat on the leg extension and it looks hilarious.. I will be making a video about it.  I did however film a video on how to overload the chest with CHEST FLY'S last night..  The stretch is incredible and you REALLY feel it!

In the mean time, you guys check out my video on how to go ATG on Squats?


Hey @scott_herman, I watched this video last night and it was great, I've definitely had mobility issues in my hips so I'm excited to try some of these movements. Also in regards to the C&R I've tried to sprinkle a little into my 5 day split here and there. I saw you talked about getting a spotter for the prone leg curls... I have been doing prone single leg curls and its nice because I am able to use my other leg to help out on the cheat reps so I don't need a spotter! ;) 


Oh that is a great way to do it too bro!!  I need to try that this week on hamstring day!!


Hey Scott. So I wanted your input on this... I was born to be a runner, I got D1 offers for cross country coming out of high school, but I'd much rather have a good body. Is it possible that I'm not making the progress that I would like to because I have a "runner's body" and my body doesn't function the same way as your average person? Also, as someone who was born to be running 5ks whats the best thing I can do to build mass and strength?

I don't think the issue is that I haven't been patient, or my diet isn't good because I've been lifting for about a year now and I've been eating pretty well. My friends who have been doing the same routine and diet have seen more progress than I have. 




You probably need more like 250 protein, 350 carbs and 110 fat to see growth and you MUST track it daily!! :-D


Awesome. Thanks for the tip. Also, one more thing, how tf do I track macros when I'm going to an all you can eat dining hall and getting portions which I'm not completely sure how big they are. 


To answer the all you can eat food buffet. Its hard but if you use a food scale at home over time you can almost eye food and be very close lol. I do this with whole foods all the time. I can eye now 8 oz of Tuna and 1 cup of brown rice almost to the gram lol


Just finished Bulk Arms.  Went up 5 lbs each set in the Progressive Standing Curl set (15, 12, 8, rest about 10 seconds, then 8, 12, 15).

Funny thing, I accidently went up 10 lbs in my second set of skull crushers, and 20 lbs in both sets of my super set.  I did not realize it until I was racking my weights.  Now, while I thought it was a lot harder today than last workout….I found that I was going way too light before….hahahaha

BTW, don’t know how I am not losing more weight for as much as I have been sweating these past few months.


damn!  You have been cheating yourself from gains all this time!!  You are going to have to redo all those workouts with more weight!! haha  nice man!


Yep, I was thinking the same thing.  I need to push myself, I have been too complacent with just going through the motions.  Its way too easy when you workout at home and not at the gym for motivation and peer pressure.  I need to make a visit once or twice a week to they gym instead.  Who knows, may actually meet a workout partner.


Goodmorning! i have a question.. I can't see at the plan with exersices the "c round". All weeks/months have pull A and pull B, push A and push B etc.. Why?


You can change A by C


@alfa146, download the WORKOUT CALENDAR (to the right of the videos) and it explains when to do the "c" workouts) 😀


I have felt I was making no progress since I started for about a week now...  I just finished upper body 3 at home to get me in a better mood....  Afterward, I took my chest and shoulder measurements and I gained 4.5 inches on both.  Maybe it's the pump..  whatever That's almost 5 inches on both my chest and shoulders since I started...less than 2 months ago...   I am getting wider...  I hate my body....  lol.  

When you feel that you're not getting anywhere and you gain weight instead of losing it and you feel fat...  but you have been working out religiously and eating right...  take your measurements... it will make you feel better and give you that personal inspiration to keep going.  At least until you see yourself without a shirt again....  in that case, undress quickly and don't walk past any mirrors with your shirt off like me.  Sounds silly, I know.  But it helps me.  Lol


Just give it time, your muscles are reacting to the added tension and better eating and are "filling up" so to speak.  What are your daily macros right now?  



Mondays are the hardest days for me.  But......have to remember, gains are gained skipping Mondays....hahahaha



And I just had the best back workout.  First day of spring.......


That is why I do Chest on Monday, makes Mondays better!


Found this black bean pasta at the grocery store, pretty psyched!! 


Dang that looks delicious!!!


Just a few more pics of week 10 progress including this collage-type set up. Loving it!

Back-relaxed shot. The definition is getting awesome, FINALLY! Hard work paying off!!!!

And the last one for week 10 progress... the side shot!   :)