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12 Week Transformation Challenge

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three programs to choose from!, Built your body of your dreams!
push, pull, legs!


five day bodybuilding split

Transform your body with high volume bodybuilding splits that were created with my own special twist to push your further in your training that you ever thought possible!

twelve week home program

Challenge yourself to BUILD MUSCLE & SHRED FAT with a series of workouts that can all be performed at home and the best part is that you can do them in REAL TIME with me!

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Hi Scott,

I've been training for a couple of years but only home workouts, so I have a little bit of muscles with acceptable body fat %.

Problem is that I am quite weak, so I need to increase my strength substantially.

Could you recommend a plan for me that is good for strength and also having a good hypertrophy side?

Also, do you think I should be in a high caloric surplus (500 above maintenance) in order to get strong? Because I don't want to gain unnecessary body fat?



hello guys. been trying my best at home i dont have time to go to gym to far from home + doing mad hours at work. just wanted to share 


you are looking great man!!!  Have you tried any of my home dumbbell circuits?


No. But I will look in to it. Need to change my routine a bit. 😊


Hi Scott, I do apologize if this is a stupid question, but I am new to the site. I was interested in the 12-week challenge, but it shows me that the challenge is now closed. Is there any way I can still view and follow the 12-week challenge on my own? I’ve been working out hard and eating clean for the last four months and wanted to step it up for the next eight weeks before my summer/beach holiday.

Also thanks for all the vids and advice. Just following you on FB and YouTube have helped me a lot so I also decided to show you some love and join your page and start working even harder towards those gains. Thanks again. 


I did find the 5 day body split burn sets. That looks pretty intense. Maybe I'll crush that for 8 weeks.


hey @smash, the challenge itself is closed.. but the programs are always available!  😁


Hey Scott. I've been doing your program about 2 weeks kinda consistant I'm going throu things right now but your program has helped a lot I've seen a lot of muscle growth and it feels good to get compliments on how I look. Your program beats any I've used so far 


Love hearing this my friend!  Keep up the amazing work!!  Post some progress pics for us to see!


the programs are definitely on point!! they build gains for sure


Here's where I'm at right now. Been doing the PPL routine since the contest ended. Still not an insane Shred Beast like @coreylee36 ;) but I'm happy with the progress so far :D

Also, apparently I'm bad at smiling in selfies haha


abs are really coming in man!!  I am impressed!!


Thanks Scott! 


bro the abs are showing man.keep the workouts going and they will be showing like nothing in no time


Wow, it's been like a ghost town in here for a little bit. Just checking in with everyone to how y'all are doing. I've still been putting work in, though life in the past couple of weeks have been a little crazy. Haven't been keeping up with my calorie intake like I should. I only got about a week left of this crazy schedule so hopefully I can get it back on track. Hope everyone is well and making some good gains.

Ps ignore the hair, just got done with a crazy workout and was feeling a little queasy.


Man your insane, inspires me to work even harder. Great job. 


hi @scott_herman  In 4 weeks time I start training for my white collar boxing event. As iv got 4 weeks before training starts what workouts would you advice doing to help me perform at my best that I can do in the gym. 


hey man!! sorry for the late reply.  You need ENDURANCE so circuits.  How is training going?


Been a while since I've been on here but been busy with moving countries! don't worry been keeping up with the gym but i has a question. Do you ever or have you ever been teased or just made fun of for well trying to build muscle, loose weight, etc, and if so what do you do? Do you just ignore it or do anything?


OF course @ho0ligan.  That was the entire reason why I started lifting.  Just ignore them.. in a few years from now when you look amazing and they look like shit.. they will be very jelly and asking you for help.  Stay focused!


@scott_herman please answer my question, I have been looking for that song you used in the background help me please tell me the name here's the video


I know this has nothing to do with fitness but my wife Erika graduated BMT today. I'm so proud of her and I just had to share with you guys!


That is so awesome my friend.  Congratulations to her, and welcome back.


Congrats!!  Glad she is back!


This is great man, 


I'm trying to find the calendar for the summer shred challenge. I had the calendar for the first month but can't find it anymore. I know it's not challenge time but I like following the program. 


Hey Scott!  yeah we changed the location of the programs so we could separate them!  @uther9 has the correct link above!