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12 Week Transformation Challenge

12 week challenge transformation challenge Sign-Up
three programs to choose from!, Built your body of your dreams!
push, pull, legs!


five day bodybuilding split

Transform your body with high volume bodybuilding splits that were created with my own special twist to push your further in your training that you ever thought possible!

twelve week home program

Challenge yourself to BUILD MUSCLE & SHRED FAT with a series of workouts that can all be performed at home and the best part is that you can do them in REAL TIME with me!

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Did Cardio today....from Focus T25, Speed 2.0.  Kicked my butt since I have not done pure cardio in far too long.  But, I will add this in once a week now.


Results from my back, biceps and obliques really can't wait to see my update photo at the end of this month and also my skulpt results !


After a good workout, you need to refueling you're self. Love the black beans pasta ❤️


Shoulders and Traps done....and now I am sooooo hungry......


Home ABS and I'm dead all over again .... I'm looking forward to a few more home routines from @scott_herman ... I think for me at home is what makes or breaks my progress.  Plus these at homes my kids see me doing and join in.  So much fun


Today's gym results 😊 So happy 


Back in my home garage gym! Propa cast iron weights in the freezing cold so you have to workout hard to keep warm and all to my self! No time wasters !! 


Food prep complete, bring on week two of my 12 week transformation!! Feeling motivated to see how much better I can get!! 


Hey Scott, how's is going? I'm looking to start the PPL or the home workout challenge tmrw. My question is do my numbers look good for my macros. I entered my info in the meal planner and this is what I got. 

Calories 3540

Protein 126

Fat 57

Carbs 631

Does this look good or should I tweak my numbers a little? I'm about 5'7 my weight is about 155 pounds and my body fat is about 22 percent. For activity level I put the most active one because I plan to workout 6 days a week and because I work in a USPS mail plant off loading and loading trucks. The jobs requires a lot of pushing and pulling and heavy equipment into and off of trucks all day. I work there 10 hours a day for 6 days a week. I'm pretty skinny. I guess I can technically be considered skinny fat since I have some body fat around my stomach and hips and a little around my face. My goal is to shred my body fat and put on a decent amount of lean muscle mass. Do you have any suggestions on my macros or any other suggestions in general? Any input is appreciated. Thank You 


Scottt, I have two point to tell you. First one, I'll challenge myself with your 12 weeks program, I'm really excited about it. I really admire you as a professional and as a body builder. the second one its most likely a question, I'm Brazilian, if I sign up for the premium thing, will you be able to help me? like different fuzo's and stuff like that? well, i'm 16 years old, but i do speak English, i  lived there for a couple years hahahaha, anyway, I'm starting my health and fitness life, I really hope you answer me bro, see u