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Goal: Total Body intermediate
Equipment TimerDumbbell
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Upper Body 1 is a full 20-minute dumbbell interval style workout designed to build muscle and shred fat.  The goal here is to perform as many reps as you can for 30 seconds per exercise.  Do your best to keep up with me in REAL TIME and push yourself to the limit!  If you have multiple pairs of dumbbells, keep them handy so you can make the workout even more intense!  Try to keep track of your reps on every exercise so you can keep trying to beat your own score every time you do this workout!

This routine is designed to give anyone a great workout at HOME or at the GYM.

This Routine Requires: 

  1. Timer
  2. Dumbbells

List of Exercises:

  • 30 seconds AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) per exercise
  • Rest 30 seconds between exercises and rounds

Rounds 1 & 3: 

  1. Alternating In & Out Push-Up
  2. Renegade Row
  3. Laying T-Extension
  4. Overhead Tricep Extension
  5. Alternating Shoulder Press

Rounds 2 & 4:

  1. Alternating Curl
  2. Laying Fly
  3. Bent-Over Row (Palms-Up)
  4. Lateral Raise
  5. Upright Row

IMPORTANT: Remember that your MEAL PLAN will determine 100% of your results! Be sure to check out the 8 minute demo for the MS Meal Plan.


Hi Scott I’m 47 I have been weight training for a 6 weeks now my body fat is 4% but I spent a few years boxing and running  

I started of weighing 69.5 and hoped to reach about 74

but sadly it’s gone the other way and I’m weighing about 63 now 

since I started I follow your technique as you always nail it spot on

i was following a programme set out for me which I’ve now  want to stop as the diet is awful and boring 

I joined your platinum members but have Iphone 

which don’t seem to work

I love working out but seem to be working my arse off but with no direction 

need some sound advice and think your the man 

ps did your blazing biceps (killer) loved it 


Hey @jkb!! welcome to the site!  So on your iPhone you can go to SAFARI and log into the site and then go to the mealplan section and log into the MEALPLAN app.  That functions as an app on your phone.  The iPhone app should be ready in a week or two.

What are your current macros?  Are you going to a gym?  How are your testosterone levels?

Chat soon man!


Hey Scott, I don't own any dumbbells at the moment (I'm a high schooler) what kind of dumbbells should I buy (amount of pounds) and where can i buy them?


I can't access the Platinum things anymore...


@juno_kim did you see my message on your board on your profile?


Hey SCOTT_HERMAN, what sort of warm ups and warm downs should we be doing while circuiting through your entire fat loss program?


Honestly, I would just run through some simple ones for shoulders, hips and low back.  check out the warm-ups here!


Hi am having trouble downloading the calendar. Can I receive it by email?


Hey Kurt.. are you using desktop or the app? @kurbro


Finnaly, I can do this workout now, My arm is all healed up! 


Yesss!! So pumped to hear this @grecolt1256!! Train hard bro!


is this workout suitable for a skinny fat person or another workout may be better?


This is great @ricardoavila, but if your body fat percentage isn't much over 18% then you might be better with my Push/Pull/Legs split to start packing on some muscle!!


An App? Nice!


Super nice I know! :-P


Hi Scott - is the app on available on Andriod? How about iPhone?


iPhone app is almost complete!  Launch date set for November!  fingers crossed!


Hi Scott - I get sore shoulders doing overhead presses - any suggestions for alternate exercise? I have some impingement issues in my right shoulder which gives me some discomfort doing heavy chest presses and overhead shoulder exercises


How about front raise to lateral raise?  Also, get on some serious stretching and foam rolling so that you can fix your shoulder issue! 😁 


How many calories do you think this burns?


It will change from person to person.. but about 500 - 700 depending on how hard you hit it!  Also.. try waiting 3 - 5 minutes and then doing it again!