Goal: Total Body intermediate
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Upper Body 1 is a full 20-minute dumbbell interval style workout designed to build muscle and shred fat.  The goal here is to perform as many reps as you can for 30 seconds per exercise.  Do your best to keep up with me in REAL TIME and push yourself to the limit!  If you have multiple pairs of dumbbells, keep them handy so you can make the workout even more intense!  Try to keep track of your reps on every exercise so you can keep trying to beat your own score every time you do this workout!

This routine is designed to give anyone a great workout at HOME or at the GYM.

This Routine Requires: 

  1. Timer
  2. Dumbbells

List of Exercises:

  • 30 seconds AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) per exercise
  • Rest 30 seconds between exercises and rounds

Rounds 1 & 3: 

  1. Alternating In & Out Push-Up
  2. Renegade Row
  3. Laying T-Extension
  4. Overhead Tricep Extension
  5. Alternating Shoulder Press

Rounds 2 & 4:

  1. Alternating Curl
  2. Laying Fly
  3. Bent-Over Row (Palms-Up)
  4. Lateral Raise
  5. Upright Row

IMPORTANT: Remember that your MEAL PLAN will determine 100% of your results! Be sure to check out the 8 minute demo for the MS Meal Plan.


Question, when starting out, I feel that (1) I do not have the strength to do some of the exercises, especially given my current weight, and (2) neither do I have the proper endurance. Any tips, especially not yo lose motivation?


@alexaj definitely do some variations where you need to. If push-ups are the only exercise you can't do for this routine, just do them on your knees for now and work up to being able to do full push-ups. And if you need to do some exercises without dumbbells (just bodyweight), that's OK to. Work at your own pace and work to your own strengths. You will get stronger as you move through the program 😊 

If you prefer a weight training/muscle building kind of workout, but still want to lose fat, then the PPL would probably be best for you. There's circuits already in there to help you drop some fat, but given how much you are looking to lose, you would probably benefit from doing 1-2 extra days of cardio as well (and having your @mealplan under control too). That would give you the best of both worlds, being able to do more heavy weight training while focusing on fat loss.

If you're not already, do you calf raises slowly - something like a 2 second pause at the top, then a 2 second eccentric. That will make the exercise harder without having to increase the weight. You could also use the seated calf raise with dumbbells as a finisher after another calf movement, so that your calves are pre-fatigued and you therefore won't be able to handle as much weight anyway.


Thanks, @scott_herman. I do 3 set of standing calf raises in 2-1-2, followed by 3 sets of seated calf raises. When seated, I also push down on the dumbbells to add extra weight. So, my calves are really not my weakest spot, haha. My friends at the gym joke that I have legs like a donkey. It is my upper body that is quite weak.


well maybe it might be time to switch to my cheat and recover program then? 😁 


Hye. I just came al the way here from your YouTube channel 


awesome @kaerel!!  Enjoy the site!


I’ve now been doing this workout every other day for a month-and-a-half, gradually increasing the weight as I get stronger. I’m seeing a definite increase in the size of my shoulders and one of my workmates described my arms as ‘massive compared to six months ago’. Absolutely loving it, but those laying-T extensions and lateral raises are total murder!


@lokryn yes, all of the workouts that are in the home program are dumbbell/bodyweight workouts 😊 As long as you have at least one pair of dumbbells (5lbs or 10lbs work well), that's all you need for the ENTIRE program, so this will work well for you until you end up joining a gym. Sorry to hear about your divorce man.


Thanks man - it hurt like hell at the time, but ironically it’s looking now like the best thing that could’ve happened. Yeah, I’m single again, but I’m happier than I’ve been in years, life is full of possibilities again and via your YouTube channel I’ve rediscovered my long-lost love of weight training, so it’s all good! Will take a look at Upper Body 2 next week ...


@lokryn always looking at the positives, that's the way to go man. If you're happier now it means you made the right choice, and it must mean there is someone better out there for you! Glad my content could help in some way 😊 Keep up the great work man!


Hi Scott, I’m just starting your fat shred 12 week program and have a couple questions. First, I’m a 59 year old retired professional firefighter. I’ve workout most of my life and am usually in the gym 5-6 days a week. I do cardio everyday and then train individual body parts each day, so this is a big change for me but definitely needed. I’ve had various surgeries over the  last 10 years and have some flexibility issues due to fusions and arthritis. Now my questions, I can’t go as far with range of motion as you do in certain exercises, lunges, alternating toe touches Russian twist, things like that. Is it ok to just go as far as you can or is that defeating the purpose. Second question, cardio workout, I don’t seem to find any workouts on the site for what I should be doing cardio wise, any thoughts there? Thanks for the help great programs so far and I can’t wait to really get into it. I really like your methods.


hey @sparky35!  great questions! If you cant do full ROM that is ok.  Just go as best as you can and over time your flexibility will improve!  and you have a few options here.  You can run these circuits TWICE in a row with a 5 minute break between and if you would like to add cardio, 15 - 25 minutes of HIIT should be enough AFTER training!


Hi Scott.  I've been running for a few years and in January started back in the gym for the first time in about a decade.  I'm 5'10", 210, 38yo.  I want to lose weight, especially around my stomach, but also want to work on building and toning muscles. Should I start with this routine or PPL?  Also, any update on when IOS app will be available?  Thanks.


@mkernan11 Hi,

If you want to lose fat around your stomach, you have to lose fat in overall terms. You can't lose fat on the desired spot.
Fat Loss Program is great for losing fat. You will also get used to exercises, movements and you can perform it at home.
PPL program is also great but you must use the gym to fully implement the workout.

About losing weight and gaining muscles - Set yourself a goal. What do you want first? Bulk (gain little more fat and muscles) or lose weight (mostly fat)?
No matter what program you choose it all comes down to a diet.
For bulking, eat around 250-500 calories over your TDEE (You can calculate that in Meal Planner Section)
For losing weight, have a deficit around 250-500 kcal.

If you have any questions, ask here or create forum thread :)
Get those gainz!


@mkernan11 if you are just starting to do any kind of training again after a decade without it, you can probably afford to be in a slight surplus while losing a bit of fat initially - you may rekindle some newbie gains for a little while, meaning you can drop some fat while adding muscle. Of course, it does depend on your body fat %.. if it's super high then you need to cut first, but if it's only around 20% or just below then bulking would be the way to go. Looking at your photo, you could probably start with a bit of a cut because you're not skinny fat, which is a good thing.

This would be a good routine for pure fat loss, but to get a head start on muscle building, you might want to start with the PPL program because the circuits in there (and some extra cardio you can throw in) will help keep you lean as long as your @mealplan is on point. @fenistoteles gave you some good pointers for your diet already, and is right that you can't spot reduce fat.

And the app is about 99% done, just a few final touches to add so it shouldn't be far away!


Goddamit, I love this workout - getting back into weights after a 20-year lay-off and haven’t felt this pumped in years!


that is awesome!!  Exactly what I want to hear!!!!!


anyway to order dvd or is there a way to download workouts on iphone


Well, if you can hold out another week or so... you will be able to view everything on the app!


So i have dumbbells, but they're super light. Should I double the workout? 


@d0ub13_a You only need 5lb or 10lb dumbbells for these routines.. but if it seems too easy for you, you can run through it with 45 seconds or 60 seconds of work if you're up for it!


Hi Scott I’m 47 I have been weight training for a 6 weeks now my body fat is 4% but I spent a few years boxing and running  

I started of weighing 69.5 and hoped to reach about 74

but sadly it’s gone the other way and I’m weighing about 63 now 

since I started I follow your technique as you always nail it spot on

i was following a programme set out for me which I’ve now  want to stop as the diet is awful and boring 

I joined your platinum members but have Iphone 

which don’t seem to work

I love working out but seem to be working my arse off but with no direction 

need some sound advice and think your the man 

ps did your blazing biceps (killer) loved it 


Hey @jkb!! welcome to the site!  So on your iPhone you can go to SAFARI and log into the site and then go to the mealplan section and log into the MEALPLAN app.  That functions as an app on your phone.  The iPhone app should be ready in a week or two.

What are your current macros?  Are you going to a gym?  How are your testosterone levels?

Chat soon man!


Hey Scott, I don't own any dumbbells at the moment (I'm a high schooler) what kind of dumbbells should I buy (amount of pounds) and where can i buy them?


I can't access the Platinum things anymore...


@juno_kim did you see my message on your board on your profile?