Twelve Week Shredded Challenge- Month Three Introduction

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New workouts coming in Month 3!  Watch the video for full details!


Where can i find the workout calendar?


great video scott aplogies for how quiet i have been but the last month since i started my new job i have been focusing on that but i have still been following the program uploading pictures later today.  

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

It is ok @mrblue!  You got to pay those bills brotha!


man i cant wait, im getting sooo hooked on working out , and i love going to the gym, i hope everyone is having fun and reaching there goals too :)

Fox84 Edit Delete Close

I am Scott, im seeing everyone here being postive and they are trying there best, then seeing some of your videos, and i just get pumped up.


Goodluck everyone this month!  I'm finally feeling better after 2-wks being! Good to be back in the gym!!  Can't wait for the new APP!

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

Glad you are feeling better @hawk_given!  Rdy to CRUSH IT!


WAZZZZ UUUUUP PEOPLEZZZZZ. I hope everyone is feeling pumped for this month and I hope everyone is getting some kind of results that you have been working so hard for. @scott_herman I have a question. Ive been having quite a lot of pain in my forearms, wrists and elbows it go to the point where I was at the physic everyday all last week. I was wondering if you could possibly recommend or tell me why I'm having this problem. I tried looking it up but could find anything. THX for all the awesome workouts and I'm always excited to dot hem after school!!! BAI :P

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

Sorry to hear that @ho0ligan, have you thought about seeing a massage therapyst to work on your arms, back and shoulders?


Awesome!! Going into Month 3 with full throttle, and full intensity!! Thanks for everything @scott_herman it's awesome!!


@scott_herman I've asked this once before but I'll double check as month 3 is using both the A and B workouts. Plus these alternate ones (really looking forward to those).

For those of us who are still in Month 2, with a week or more to go. Should we skip ahead to month 3?

I only ask as there are certain exercises of the A group that I felt more muscle engagement with, and mixing B up with A sounds like a great idea.

Thanks again for everything. Cant wait to see these alternates, I'll definitely try them out.

thomas0896 Edit Delete Close

@koni i though i was the only one who was a week behind. and no i am still doing month 2 but oh well, but in the end it is up to. 

Jonesy657 Edit Delete Close

@koni I'm thinking about doing the same thing.  I'm only a week behind and if the workouts are pretty much the same why not skip the last week.  I think it depends on how YOU feel.  If you're ready for the intensity, GO FOR IT!! I know I am :)

Koni Edit Delete Close

@thomas0896 and @jonesy657, I'm thinking of getting to the last 6 days of month 2 then skipping to month 3, I want to be at my best when we hit the submission date. So that means about 5 or 6 more days of Month 2 left for me until I make the jump.


I'm excited for alternate versions! I swear I heard you say ultimate!! Hope they are ultimate!! When can we expect first alternate ?? 

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

they will be Ultimate @jalbarracin7x!  Will be filming the first alternate this week!


Getting a good start with month 3 already with Push A and Pull A the past two days. Can't wait to see the new content and continue shredding!

Loving my results so far and I hope everyone else is loving theirs. Good luck with month 3 everyone!!

JakeL Edit Delete Close

Loving my results as well man! Push it hard!!


I'm pumped for month 3!  And for the continuation of the shred program.  I knew going into this that I wouldn't be cut and lean in a 3 month period but I DID KNOW it was going to get me on me way.  And brother has it!!! @scott_herman you put together one bad@$$ program!  Motivational, inspiring, community support, the compete package!  I am really happy to hear that you will keep it moving forward because trust me when I say this ... end of 3 months y'all will see huge difference, end of 6 month even bigger, and I'm super excited for what I will be when I finish 1 year with the Hermanite Nation!  

Keep killin it y'all!!!! 

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

Thanks @gmdgeek! That really means a lot!  You have made HUGE progress!  Can't wait to see your 6 months bro!