Goal: Muscle Gain intermediate
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Hey what’s up guys and welcome back to my 5 WEEK POWERBUILDING program!  This program was designed to help you build some serious strength & muscle at the same time and you can do it whether you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete!  This is because my program works off of your 1 rep max percentages and as you go through the workouts you’ll be steadily increasing your weights each week.   Then on week 5, you’ll be retesting your 1 rep max on your squat, bench and deadlift so that you can rework your numbers and repeat the program again for another 5 weeks.
If you’ve never tested your 1 REP MAX before, please download the program calendar and follow the instructions on the “TESTING” tab.  You can also use the
1 REP MAX CALCULATOR for a quick reference as well.
One more thing, please pay close attention to the layout of this routine as you’ll be training with the same workout on DAY 3 & DAY 13.  However, the percentage of the weight of your 1 REP MAX you’ll use each set for the BARBELL DEADLIFT will change each DAY.
This is CRUCIAL to ensure you’re increasing your strength each week so make sure you really push yourselves each DAY!
This Routine Requires:

  1. Cables
  2. Barbell
  3. Machine
  4. Dumbbells

List of Exercises:

  • Rest 2 - 4 minutes between sets on M1
  • Rest 60 - 90 seconds between sets on M2 – M7 & M1 WARM-UP

  • Aerobic Warm-Up (Before Training) - 10-minute slow jog (5 - 6mph) on treadmill or 10 minutes on Stairmaster.

M1: Barbell Deadlift

Warm-Up Sets As % of 1RM (ALL DAYS)

     35% of 1RM x 5 reps

     45% of 1RM x 5 reps

     55% of 1RM x 3 reps
Day 3: Working Sets As % of 1RM

     60% of 1RM x 5 reps

     65% of 1RM x 5 reps

     75% of 1RM x 5 reps

Day 13: Working Sets As % of 1RM

     65% of 1RM x 5 reps

     75% of 1RM x 3 reps

     85% of 1RM x 1 reps
M2: Lat Pulldown(Wide-Grip) (4 sets: 15 reps) - Set 4 = Drop Set Until Failure*

M3: Single-Arm Dumbbell Row (4 sets: 12 reps) - Set 1 = Drop Set* / Set 4 = Until Failure*

M4: Alternating Dumbbell Hammer Curl (3 sets: 8 reps)

M5: Lower Back Extension (3 sets: 15 reps)
M6: Standing Lat Pushdown (4 sets: 10 reps)

M7: Standing High-Row (4 sets: 10 reps)
*Complete 12 reps, then lower the weight and rep out until failure (20 – 25 reps max)

*If you complete all your reps but still have some energy left, squeeze out those last few reps

*Complete required reps, lower the weight, and then complete required reps one more time
IMPORTANT: Remember that your
MEAL PLAN will determine 100% of your results! Be sure to check out the 8 minute demo for the MS Meal Plan.  
Be sure to download the program calendar so you know which days to do each workout and for those of you who would like more guidance I do offer 1 on 1 coaching and I would love to personal help you if you need it!  Just be sure to e-mail me at
Brian@BrianDeCosta.com for more information.  Train hard guys!

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Are there any alternate exercises to do lower back extensions if you do not have the equipment needed?


Just started this program today. Loved it! I picked up after my leg day tho an started on chest. It was extremely intense!! Question on hammer curls or any curl for that matter. I’ve read tons of alterations. But which is the best. Letting the weight fully rest at the bottom and then starting back from that? Or keeping tension on it the whole time. Say only extending the arm say 95%

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

Always go full extension.. This "tension" stuff is just bullshit.  The hardest part of the movement is the initial pull at the bottom so skipping it makes no sense.  Hope that helps!  CRUSH IT!!!


Just did this and loved it!

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

Such a great program right?!   Keep crushing it!!!!