Goal: Muscle Gain intermediate
Primary Biceps
Secondary Forearms
Equipment BarbellDumbbell
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Welcome to DAY 1 of my 4 WEEK BIGGER BICEPS program!  Today we’re going to be focusing on the LONG HEAD of Biceps.  The long head is what is going to give you that nice mountain sized peak that makes your bicep look massive from any angle!

Push yourselves as hard as you can on every exercise and to keep the intensity high, it’s very important that you follow along with the short 45 second rest periods between sets!

Stay Focused, Stay Hydrated and LETS GET IT!!

This Routine Requires:

  1. Barbell
  2. Dumbbells

List of Exercises:

               EXERCISE                                   Sets                Rep Goal                Rest

  1. Close-Grip Barbell Curls                       5                        15                     45 sec.
  2. Dumbbell Preacher Curls                     5                        15                     45 sec.
  3. Reverse Barbell Curls                            5                        15                     45 sec.

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Question. I'm looking to start this program but not sure how to schedule it. I rock climb twice a week, while it uses bicep/tricep, it mostly puts a lot of stress into my forearm. How would you suggest doing these execerises and rock climbing without over exhausting myself? 

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@petegarc23 your biceps are actually one of the best when it comes to recovery. They (generally) recover really quick. If you're not doing any other training, and you're just going to be using these bicep routines, just do them on 2 days you don't rock climb. If you rock climb on Tuesday and Thursday for example, I would train biceps on Monday and Friday.


Hi @reggiebfitness I do Scott PPL routine (3day a week) and I want to do additional day (weak day - chest+bi). So I want to add your workout bicep plan to my weak day. How should I follow your plan? One video per week every week next video?

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

as long as you have over 24 hours rest for biceps.. you can hit the biceps again.. work the routine into your schedule that way!

ReggieBFitness Edit Delete

if your doing my bicep program also I recommend like Scott said, 24 hour rest on your bicep. But keep in mind that if your goal is trying to build your biceps then you have to do both videos a week instead of one time a week


On reverse bicep curl.  How far apart should your hands be?

ReggieBFitness Edit Delete

about shoulder width or a little bit wider but very little


No offense Reggies biceps don't look very big man!!! What size are they? They look good. Just not big


Every time i workout my biceps it doesn't hurt for some reason, and i am sure i did correct form, is that normal.

ReggieBFitness Edit Delete

Maybe your not pushing yourself hard enough and also keep in mind that your muslce is not going to be sore everytime you work out unless you hit PR's every single day

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

Also keep in mind that being sore is not the only indicator of growth. You dont need to be sore all the time.


What if you can't do 5 sets of 15 is 5 sets of 10 fine? And also if your building strength is your muscle suppose to hurt the next day!

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

Why can't you?  Just lower the weight!

ReggieBFitness Edit Delete

exactly what Scott said. Just lower the weight and do what is best for you to an intensity of pushing yourself to your full potential


All right i'm about to try this

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

Well then, let's see some BIGGER BICEPS!!!!

ReggieBFitness Edit Delete



hey man, great series...if you could do the same for triceps and would be even awesome.!! ;)

ReggieBFitness Edit Delete

the links dont work because we are on WEEK 3 for the 4 WEEK BICEP BUILDING PROGRAM. Workout #5 has just been uploaded today so 6,7,8 is not available because we havent got up to that yet. The program is 2 work outs a week for Mon and Thurs. Week #1 is works 1 and 2. Week #2 is workouts 3 and 4, Week #3 is workouts 5 and 6, Week #4 is workouts 7 and 8. Hope that helped

jafarakos Edit Delete

Ops, I didn't even see that...I thought it was a past bad, sorry man.. 😁😁

ReggieBFitness Edit Delete

Its cool bro. Get ready because tomorrow will be workout #6


How would I incorporate this plan into Scotts push, pull, legs routine?

ReggieBFitness Edit Delete

The days that you hit arms that incorporate you using your biceps, those are the days you throw in this bicep routine. There's so many ways you could attack both Scott and my 4 Week Bicep Program but its very important that you do my 4 Week Bicep Program twice a week. That is the only way your biceps will grow as big as your willing to make them.