The Real World: Brooklyn

JD, Scott, Ryan, Chet.
Devyn, Baya, Katelynn, Sarah

The Real World: Brooklyn” was a great experience for me. It gave me the opportunity to really come out of my shell and expose myself to the entertainment world. Before I left for Brooklyn I was the GM/Fit Pro Manager of Answer is Fitness located in North Attleboro, MA and had been fitness modeling on the side in NYC for Men’s Health Magazine. But I wanted more. I wanted to revolutionize the fitness industry in a way that would allow me to teach fitness to the world. So in 2008, Scott Herman Fitness was born. But I needed a way to get my voice out to the masses. A few months before I created the website one of my clients convinced me to put together an audition video for the show. To be honest, I wanted nothing to do with the show and it took her several months to convince me to do it. I thought that the kids who went on the show had no self-respect, morals, or values. But as fate would have it, my “call back” for round two appeared in my e-mail box about two weeks after I created the site. The rest is now history. 

While on the show I had the opportunity to meet seven amazing people. Many think that this show is scripted but in all actuality it is not. The experience is real and the friendships you build last forever. To be honest I wish I could go back in time to spend one more week under the same roof as my castmates just as you might wish for a week back with your college roommates. 

I hope that in watching the show you were able to see me for the person that I am and know that I will always be there for the SHF Community as I was for my friends during the few hardships that we encountered. When I was a kid I wanted to grow up to be a Super Hero; being able to teach fitness to the
world makes me feel like I got my wish. 

- Scott Herman