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Jose Delio Paredes

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The "My Inspirations" section was created so that you can have easy access to twelve people who inspire you.

To begin to add your inspirations, click on the "+/-" symbol.

Next, type the username of someone who inspires you in the
search box and click "search".

You can add anyone to your inspirations list but, unless you are friends, you may not be able to view all their profile information.

Note: You can ONLY search by profile USERNAME.

Click the "+" symbol to add a profile to your inspirations list.

Click the "-" symbol to remove a profile from your inspirations list.

Once added, click on "My Inspirations" to return to your list.

You can also click the "+" on the bottom right corner of the avatar box to add someone to your inspirations list while viewing their profile.

My Inspirations

Location: N/A

Goal: Gain Muscle

Neck: N/A

Chest: N/A

Gender: Male

Forearm: N/A

Hip: N/A

Age: N/A

Calve: N/A

Shoulder: N/A

Height: N/A

Arm: N/A

Waist: N/A

Weight: N/A

Thigh: N/A

Body Fat: N/A%