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  • Posted On: 07-15-17, 6:08 pm (EDT) #1

    Journey from 132kg/291 to 95kg/210 (PowerLifting) - Transform!

    July 15, 2017, 6:08 pm

    Hello Hermanites! Need your advice or thoughts on how I'm doing things, how I could change it or add things to help me out.
    My Details -
    Start Date: 2nd May 2017
    Name: Nicholas Age: 23 Height: 5ft 8.5"
    Start Weight: 132.4kg/292lbs Fat Percentage: 32%
    Weight Now: 120.4kg/265lbs Fat Percentage: 26% Difference: -12kg/-26lbs
    Weight Goal: 95kg/210lbs Fat Percentage: 10-12%
    Bench - Squat - Deadlift 1RPM: 110kg/242lbs - 170kg/375lbs - 170kg/375lbs
    Bench - Squat - Deadlift GOAL: 170kg/375lbs - 200kg/441lbs - 220kg/485lbs

    Diet/Macros -
    Calories intake: 2436cals
    Protein 40%: 248g
    Carbs 35%: 218g
    Fats 25%: 69g

    Impact Whey Protein (MyProtein)
    Mega Green Tea Extract (MyProtein)
    Mega Omega 3 (MyProtein)
    CLA (MyProtein)
    BCAA's (MyProtein)
    Kirkland Daily Vitamin

    Workout Program -
    Monday AM 30-45min: 3min Intense Cross Trainer & Stretches - Leg HIIT - Leg Press - Weighted Calf Raise
    Monday PM 30-45min: 3 min Intense Cross Trainer & Stretches - BW Squats - BB Squat (75% 6x4) - Roman Squat

    Tuesday AM 30mins: 3min Intense Cross Trainer & Stretches - Chest Press & Pushups Super Set - Incline DB Press - Tricep Pull Down
    Tuesday PM 30-40min: 3min Intense Cross Trainer & Stretches - Push Ups - Bench Press (75% 6x4) - Cable Front Raise - Cable Press

    Wednesday - Rest Day

    Thursday AM 30min: 3min Intense Cross Trainer & Stretches - Scorpions - Wide Assisted Pull Ups - Lat Pull Down - Cable Rows - Cable Bicep Curl
    Thursday PM 30min-40min: 3min Intense Cross Trainer & Stretches - Lat Pull Down - BB Sumo Deadlift (75% 6x4) - T-Bar Row - Single-Arm Dumbbell Row - Bent Over BB Row

    Friday AM 30min: 3min Intense Cross Trainer & Stretches - Shoulder Press - Planks - Face Pulls - Hanging Leg Raise
    Friday PM 30min: 3min Intense Cross Trainer & Stretches - DB Standing Military Press - DB Lat Raise - Cable Rotations - Plank Scissors

    Saturday: Rest Day

    Sunday AM 30-40min: Treadmill HIIT (Walk/Jog 1min - Sprint 30sec x20) & Mobility Work


    The workouts are Split as following:

    Monday - Leg Day
    Tuesday - Chest & Tri's
    Wednesday - Rest
    Thursday - Back & Bi's
    Friday - Shoulders & Core
    Saturday - Rest
    Sunday - Cardio & Mobility

    Every week I work out 8-10 times a week. Sometimes I miss 1 or 2 sessions if things come up. I have a de-load session every 6 weeks.
    I work at a desk Job from 9:30am - 18:30pm.

    This has been the program I've been following for the past 11 weeks and have been losing about 1kg a week. My goal to reach everything is about 20-30 more weeks.
    Need some body building advice as I would like to look more aesthetically better, but also would like some PowerLifting advice on how to get stronger.
    Also any other tips into losing fat/weight loss, I've been thinking about Intermittent Fasting, might try it when I've hit a weight loss plateau.
    Let me know if I'm doing everything right, or if I'm over training, or if my macro's/calorie intake is wrong. Or any accessories that would help with my powerlifting etc.

    Thanks all!


  • Posted On: 07-21-17, 4:30 pm (EDT) #2

    Journey from 132kg/291 to 95kg/210 (PowerLifting) - Transform!

    July 21, 2017, 4:30 pm

    Hey bro!


    So if you sometimes miss a few days or training during the week, I think the best thing for you to do is my PPL program. It is basically a 3 day a week program where you train in the gym and then there are 2 circuit days that you can choose to do in the gym or at home.


    The last thing you want to do is skip muscle groups and have to play catch-up and you would benefit a lot more from a PPL style of training versus the traditional bodybuilding split you are doing. Especially if your goal is weight loss. With PPL you will build a solid foundation of muscle and will be burning more calories becuse you are breaking down more muscle tissue overall for repair during each workout. (Takes more energy "calories" to repaire multiple muscle groups as opposed to 2 a day)


    Meal plan looks ok, maybe a fish oil supplement is missing?


    Once you reach your goal of weight loss, we can then show you how to manipulate your macros to gain LEAN MUSCLE when you are ready.


    LASTLY, if you want powerlifting... the PPL is a great introduction to the big three lifts and can help you take them VERY far as well.

    Here is the link:

  • Posted On: 09-10-17, 11:46 am (EDT) #3

    Journey from 132kg/291 to 95kg/210 (PowerLifting) - Transform!

    September 10, 2017, 11:46 am
    How is your progress coming along?
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