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  • Posted On: 12-31-16, 5:55 am (EST) #1

    Elections in 2017

    December 31, 2016, 5:55 am

    Usually, when the subject of elections (and by association politics) appears on a bodybuilding forum it's not long before you get one group of people slagging off the other group for holding an opposite view. Well, I am hoping that won't happen on this thread for one very simple reason. This is not to disccus the minutae of an election, but the actual election itself. There are 50 countries holding elections in 2017 with the most important ones (having an impact on global politics being those in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Iran, South Korea, New Zealand and Hong Kong). What I would like to do is the week before an election occurs, post the result of the last election, the opinion polls during the campaign and then after the election post the result and change on last time. Is that something that members would find of interest (and if there are any members who live in countries where these elections are being held, they are more than happy to chime in on them). If this is something that members would find of interest, then may I be permitted to post a calendar showing when the elections are due?

  • Posted On: 01-18-17, 2:48 pm (EST) #2

    Elections in 2017

    January 18, 2017, 2:48 pm

    The first elections of the year have been sprung on us quite by surprise. On Monday evening, the Northern Ireland Assembly collapsed when Sinn Fein (Irish left wing nationalists in favour of a united Ireland under the Irish flag) refused to nominate a successor to Martin McGuiness MLA as Deputy First Minister who resigned the post last week in protest over the refusal of the First Minister Arlene Foster MLA (representing the Democratic Unionist Party, a right wing Protestant party in favour of the continued union with the United Kingdom) to resign her post over a scandal over a heating fuel subsidy and, under the rules of the Assembly, the Assembly was no longer able to function. As a result of this the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland James Brokenshire MP (Conservative, right wing conservatives) called an Assembly election for March 2nd 2017.

  • Posted On: 01-21-17, 8:17 am (EST) #3

    Elections in 2017

    January 21, 2017, 8:17 am

    A new election (although technically speaking it's a referendum) has been called for April 2nd in Turkey. The referendum will be to approve 18 amendments to the Turkish constitution which will:

    1. abolish the office of Prime Minister allowing the President to run the country on their own
    2. increase the number of members in Parliament from 550 to 600
    3. reform the Supreme Board of Judges

    Of the parties in Turkey with parliamentary reprensation, the Justice and Development Party (317 seats) and the National Movement Party (40 seats) are both in favour, the Republican Democratic Party (134 seats) and the People's Democratic Party (59 seats) are both opposed to the idea citing that it will make the current President as bad, or indeed worse, than President Assad in nearby Syria. The referenda will pass on a simple majority (meaning that if one more person agrees than disagrees, the referenda will pass)

  • Posted On: 01-21-17, 10:01 pm (EST) #4

    Elections in 2017

    January 21, 2017, 10:01 pm

    Will be rooting for you in your election bro!!!

  • Posted On: 01-26-17, 8:12 am (EST) #5

    Elections in 2017

    January 26, 2017, 8:12 am
    Posted by: Scott_Herman

    Will be rooting for you in your election bro!!!

    Thank you very much indeed Scott. The offical campaign period doesn't start until March but I have already clocked up 5½ miles walking around my home village seeking people to fill in my nomination forms. As you are in Dublin on Friday, does that mean that you intend to visit Wales over the weekend? If so, then because Wales is very much on the religious side, election campaigning is not really encouraged, but that said I would be more than happy to show you around the village where I live (and would like to represent on the county council) and whilst realising it is not what you would normally have, I wouldn't say no to treating you to a vegetable burger or a box of fish and chips if the mood were to take you.

  • Posted On: 03-11-17, 9:51 am (EST) #6

    Elections in 2017

    March 11, 2017, 9:51 am

    Punjab Assembly (India)

    Congress (Social Democracy, Left Wing) 77 seats, BJP (Right Wing Populists) 18 seats , AAP (Centrists) 22 (seats) (Congress majority of 37)


    Manipur Assembly (India)

    Congress 28 seats, BJP 21 seats, Others 11 seats (Hung Assembly, Congress short by 3)


    Goa Assembly (India)

    Congress 17 seats, BJP 13 seats, Others 10 seats (Hung Assembly, Congress short by 4)


    Uttarakhand Assembly (India)

    BJP 57 seats, Congress 11 seats, Others 2 seats (BJP majority of 44)


    Utter Pradesh Assembly (India)

    BJP 325 seats, Congress 54 seats, BSP (Social Equality, Left Wing) 19 seats, Others 5 (BJP majority of 247)


    The next major election is on March 15th when the Netherlands elects it's new Parliament. There was a concern at the start of the campaign that Geert Wilders (leader of the Party for Freedom, right wing populist) was going to get the most seats but since the campaign started his party's poll ratings have fallen from 32% to 21% (which as the Netherlands elects it's parliament using a formula so that the number of seats equals the number of votes cast, means that at best he will be leader of the Oppposition, not Prime Minister).

  • Posted On: 03-15-17, 4:13 pm (EDT) #7

    Elections in 2017

    March 15, 2017, 4:13 pm

    Netherlands Exit Poll

    VVD (Liberals) 21% (-6% on 2012) winning 31 seats (-10 seats)

    PVV (Nationalists) 13% (+3% on 2012) winning 19 seats (+4 seats)

    CDA (Conservatives) 13% (+4% on 2012) winning 19 seats (+6 seats)

    D66 (Liberals) 13% (+5% on 2012) winning 19 seats (+7 seats)

    GL (Greens) 11% (+9% on 2012) winning 16 seats (+12 seats)

    SP (Left Wing) 9% (unchanged on 2012) winning 14 seats (-1 seat)

    PvdA (Socialist) 6% (-19% on 2012) winning 9 seats (-29 seats)

    Other Parties 14% (+4% on 2012) winning 23 seats (+11 seats)


    In order to govern you need 76 seats, and the two Liberal parties have 50 seats forecast between them, therefore it is likely that this will form the base of a new government

  • Posted On: 03-16-17, 10:51 am (EDT) #8

    Elections in 2017

    March 16, 2017, 10:51 am

    I have now collected all the signatures that I need for a valid nomination, I now have to wait for the nominating officer of my party to confirm that I am a member of the party and therefore able to have the party's logo on the ballot paper, then hand in all the forms to the council, and once all the data has been verified, I will recieve a letter telling me that I am a duly nominated candidate

  • Posted On: 03-20-17, 3:29 am (EDT) #9

    Elections in 2017

    March 20, 2017, 3:29 am


    When I start my election campaign formally, this is the area that I will be campaigning in. It's a staggering 6,014,000 square meters in area and yet only has 2,386 people living in it (with a voting age population of 1,856). The aim is to campaign every day in each of the villages that are mentioned. As I live in Llanon, that's very easy indeed and Aberarth is on a bus route (so I can campaign there a large number of times), the it's smaller villages of Nebo, Bethania and Monachty that might cause some problems in terms of getting there, but once I am there I just walk.


    Based on my poppy appeal walks that I have done, I estimate that covering every house in Llanon (and the neighbouring village of Llansantffraed) will clock up 11 miles in total, Aberarth just over a mile, Cross Inn and Nebo are next door to each other as well, so that would add another two miles and Bethania is about 1½ miles, therefore one complete delivery route for each village will clock up 15½ miles in total (which I shall do in rotation as time allows, although usually I can do my home village in around ten days, and all the other villages in a day, but never on a Sunday as there is a strong religious element in this area which frowns upon political campaigning on a Sunday).


    This is where I would like Scott's thoughts and opinion. According to his BMR calculator, at rest I have a BMR of just over 2,000 and when doing these walks it increases to 3,000. Given that I want to try and lose a stone in weight over this campaign (which I have come to calculate as losing 1,157 calories a day) what would he suggest in terms of food to ensure that I don't tire myself out?

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