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Do You Really Know What You Are Putting On Your Plate?

Wild Caught vs. Farm Raised Fish

Posted by Erica_Stibich - November 1st, 2013

As fitness enthusiasts, we tend to eat high amounts of protein and typically eat fish on a regular basis. But not all fish are created equal! So what’s all the talk about Wild Caught vs. Farm Raised?

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Farm Raised fish are grown in a controlled environment such as small lakes, ponds or pools. Because they are maintained in stagnant water and do not roam free, they tend to acquire more diseases and are higher in fat. To help control the unsanitary conditions, they are fed antibiotics and pesticides and, because their diet is not as varied as wild fish’s, they have lower protein content and significantly lower amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids. In the case of farm raised Salmon for example, they are even fed coloring agents to give them that typical bright rosy color.

So yes, Wild Caught fish is more expensive, but if you can afford it, it is worth the extra bucks!

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Awesome article Erica! its short, sweet and straight to the point, this article can also be applied to alot of different foods we eat, and is a good reminder to sometimes do a little research on the foods we eat and where they come from , for us here in tx, our local grocery store gets its salmon from alaska, the price is ok, but ..i dont know how to cook fish lol

Erica- This is 100% true but there have been recent changes and advances. I can't speak for the US or Chile where a lot of farmed salmon come from but I can speak for Norway - the largest producer of farmed salmon. Here in Singapore it is very hard to find the only true wild salmon - Alaskan. We get all our salmon from Norway. Because of the controversy over farmed fish both diet nutritionally and environmentally, the Norwegian government instituted some major changes to how they farm salmon. FDA inspectors have actually toured the large areas in the fjords where they raise fish. The diet that they feed the fish, the cleanliness of the breeding areas, and the large size of the water pens has proven to provide a better fish with the same or higher levels of Omega-3 than wild fish. While it is true antibiotics are still used and there is still the exposure to PEP's, the amounts are much less than they were prior to 2004. Farmed salmon is a huge business in Norway and the last thing they want is bad publicity and a bad product. I eat salmon and/or tuna everyday so I am concerned about the quality of the fish. If I could get Alaskan salmon, I would. The bottom line is the benefits of salmon far outweigh its risks in my opinion.