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Top Six Most Affordable Fitness Items

Every Gym Goer Must Have These!

Posted by ohawkey - October 19th, 2015

Between your gym membership and supplements, chances are you're spending a good amount of money each month already.  But remember, when you invest in fitness, it is an investment in living a healthier lifestyle. These six items are definite must haves for anyone who takes their fitness goals seriously!

Food Scale

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The food scale is going to be your best friend when it comes to counting macros. It will help you keep track of exactly how much you are eating and will make it easier to measure your macros (protein, carbs, and fat), and your total calories. These scales typically cost around $20.

Doorway Pull-Up Bar

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Pull-ups are one of the best exercises for building a wide back. A good, basic pull up bar should only cost around $20 – $30. You don't need anything fancy with a bunch of different grips. Just make sure you purchase one that can handle your bodyweight.

The ability to perform pull-ups at home will add a whole new level to your at-home workouts, and if bodyweight pull-ups aren’t challenging enough, you can intensity them by holding a dumbbell between your feet.  The pull-up bar can also be used for ab exercises such as hanging leg raises, L sits, hanging windmills, and windshield wipers.  

Ab Wheel

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If you're going to spend money on an ab machine, buy an ab wheel. We've all seen those commercials selling weird ab machines that never give any results. Don't fall for those, because a basic ab roller should only cost around $10, and will provide much better results.

If you’ve never used an ab roller before, you may need to start off slow to build your core strength.  What I mean is, you can set yourself up so that the wheel stops at a wall to shorten the range of motion (see video below). But once you become strong enough, you will be able to not only roll forward, but to the sides as well, or even start from a standing position. You can also find ab wheels that have foot straps so you can perform pikes as well.

Resistance Bands

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The resistance band is the most versatile piece of fitness equipment there is. It’s almost like a portable cable crossover machine. You'll usually pay around $20 – $30 for a pack of bands with different levels of resistance.

You can simulate a wide variety of exercises with resistance bands, and they're also great to use for warming up before training.

Foam Roller

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The foam roller is a great tool to help massage tight muscles, and to help you recover faster from muscle soreness. To foam roll, start at the top of the muscle and roll down until you find a tight spot. Hold the roller there for about 30 seconds, then move on. The price of foam rollers depends on the size, but they're usually around $10 – $25.

Workout Journal

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There are all kinds of fancy workout journals out there, but a simple notebook will do. Nobody can remember every set and repetition for every workout, but a workout log will help you easily keep track. Also, because you're writing down your sets and reps each week, you can easily look back to see if you are progressing.

There you have it, my top six pieces of affordable fitness equipment. They're bound to help you live a healthier lifestyle, and make even more gains!

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The Major Difference Makers

When it comes to the average person there are some exercises that I believe are more useful than others.  I’m going to list and...


okay Scott question for you. I'm 52 years old and struggling to gain muscle, realize my age is against me, but I've always trained one muscle group a week and one of your recent videos you say to build muscle need to train twice a week. How?? I train shoulders and abs, chest and triceps, back and biceps, legs and forearms. With one day in between all that . Then another rest day.  my math that's 6 days. Then I start all over again. I would really like to know how you do it???

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

Well @rjs663, that is why you need to switch to a PPL program.  Start with mine.. Keep in mind MONTH 1 is still once a week to get your body used to the training, then in MONTH 2 you will do each workout  twice a week.  When you go to the program page download the PROGRAM CALENDAR that is to the right of the workouts to see what I mean:

Also, have you had your testosterone tested by your doctor?  Low levels of testosterone will make gain REALLY slow.  TRT is an option if you need it. Check this out: 


I would say the note book is the most important thing here, tracking everything will give you focus and  take the guess work out.


All excellent equipment for the perfect home gym - I have most of these, except my pull-up bar is one of those chunky ones that needs to be drilled real far into a wall. I did that, but then I moved and had to fill and paint the wall again - I think I'm gonna get a door one next time lol. 

ohawkey Edit Delete Close

@dave_diesel Lol, hopefully your pull up gains are worth the paint!


I agree with this list for sure !! But I would personally use push up handles instead of the ab wheel, I never get to much out of that exercise. I prefer more explosive exercises for abs.

ohawkey Edit Delete Close


Thanks! And yeah  push up handles are pretty popular too


All great stuff!  My favorite is the foam roller. My foam roller knows me very well :-).

ohawkey Edit Delete Close

@heyhay5212 the foam roller must be everybody's favorite haha


Gotta be push-up bars for me! Awesome to mix it up grip wise and get a deep stretch! Plus if you get ones similar to mine you can do L sit ab exercises 

heyhay5212 Edit Delete Close

Push up bars are awesome too! You can do some cool exercises with those! 


All of the above (maybe with negelcting the abwheel) are the main items to possess. Totally agreed


For 79.95 I got 7-In-1 Body Building System: Get ready to get ripped! Body-building system brings the entire gym to your home and features a metal door gym for pull-ups (250-lb. max. weight), two ab/core straps, two rotating push-up stands, a toning wheel, workout DVD, nutrition guide and progress chart. I got all this in a package Nation. Next you can buy the floor mat, resistence bands, water bottle separately at a low price at Sports Authority, Amazon ect....


I have none of the things EXCEPT the foam roller hahaha. I probably need the pull-up bar though.


Got everything except the pull-up bar! Wish I had one at home. Too lazy to get one so I just do them on trees like a boss.