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How To Shrink Your Fat Cells

Secrets To Looking Lean & Shredded!

Posted by BodiesByTim - September 21st, 2014

Being so involved in the Fitness Industry has given me the pleasure of meeting some very educated professionals.

The techniques and methods they described to me I have used over the years with great success.

That being said, I wanted to share with you some of the amazing ways to minimize your body fat and encourage some stubborn fat to say “Good Bye!”

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Sip Green Tea Before You Eat…

A hot cup of tea 20 minutes prior to a meal may help you eat fewer calories, as well as provide your body with ALA. An acid used to produce energy with your food. Better yet, Chinese white tea actually reduces the growth of new fat in the body and breaks down fat in existing cells.

Eat Grapefruit In The AM…

Every use from, eating grapefruit in the morning, to sniffing it at the market before purchase has shown to significantly raise the body’s metabolism. A new and very popular way is buying a grapefruit scented essential oil to burn in your kitchen or at desk.

Eat Eggs For Breakfast…

I was told in one study, people who had two eggs for breakfast lost 65% more weight than those who had a carbohydrate based meal. Also, people who eat protein- and fiber-rich breakfasts have lower levels of hunger hormones later on in the day.

Always remember that the food you eat and the fluid you drink is incredibly powerful and can benefit you in many ways. Never underestimate a clean meal, a good lift and a run outside!

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Why Are You Skinny Fat?

I have been asked this question too many times to remember, practically in the comment section of every one of my videos. So this...


It's green tea for tommorow haha!! Great article man...

Rel Edit Delete Close

Just tried green tea Scott, It tastes awful haha!!! but my taste buds are adjusting on every sip hahaha!!

crood Edit Delete Close

lol Rel, you might want to try green tea from teabags first maybe with some taste like strawberry / lemon/mint added. They are very mild and don't taste bad. And another mistake some people make is to brew green tea as extensively long as they do with black tea. Don't do that. Green tea becomes very bitter and sometimes even a bit sour on top when its been drawn too long in the hot water.

Hope that helps :) (and yes green tea is awesome ^^)


Can you provide primary literature references for the studies you are discussing?


Eggs are a superfood.....the whole egg including the yolk. It is a shame too many people are still scared of whole eggs due to the cholesterol and fat cause heart disease myth to realise this.




Green tea is another fantastic beverage with 1000s of years of history proving its power.

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

Yeah I agree @jmboiardi. Cholesterol is the main ingredient to produce testosterone. I love my eggs!

noXcuses Edit Delete Close

So what are you guys saying? I can eat like 10 boiled eggs a day without heaving to worry about my health? It's quite a claim to call the cholesterol discussion etc. a myth. Not that don't want to believe u because i do love eggs just as much.

jmboiardi Edit Delete Close





This is a bit long but important for you to understand the science and the truth about cholesterol, fat, and the body.




The controversy has started because the science backing cholesterol and fat as causing heart disease was flawed to begin with way back in the late 1950s when Ansel Keyes did his observational studies on diet and cholesterol. What he did was only pick data from countries that supported his hypothesis even though he had data from many more countries. He didn't use this data because it did not support his claims. He was politically connected and when another reputable scientist showed the flaw in his study, Ansel had him discredited and ostracized. Today, universities like Harvard, Duke, and Stanford are re-reviewing all these old studies and are realizing the conclusions were incorrect.




The bottom line is his study was OBSERVATIONAL not CAUSAL. His logic would be the same as me saying fire fighters cause fires because every time there is a fire we see fire fighters at the scene. We all know fire fighters don't cause fires but rather are the response to them. After he coerced his study with Congress in the early 1960's, they changed the food pyramid to what it is now - low fat/low cholesterol, high carbs. Since 1960, the incidences of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Dimentia, Alzheimer's, and a host of other diseases have risen dramatically. Newer medicines are the only thing keeping diseased people alive longer today not the dietary recommendations from the U.S government. Plenty of populations around the world who have the lowest incidence of disease and the highest longevity don't limit their fats and cholesterol and eat a nutritious diet of wholesome foods.




Your body has an internal cholesterol feedback mechanism. Cholesterol is so vital to life, 70% of it is made by your liver. The other 30% comes from the food you eat. Your brain is 25% cholesterol and your entire nervous sytem is insulated with fat. Your body needs to use fat to transport cholesterol in the blood because it can't dissolve in blood. This is where LDL and HDL come from. LDL brings cholesterol to the cells from the liver and HDL brings unused cholesterol back to the liver. Calling one "good" and one "bad" is rediculous. They are both needed. LDL gets a bad wrap because when people eat too much sugar and simple carbs, their blood triglycerides (fat) increase and the cells become resistent to insulin. Insulin tells the cells to take in nutrients. If your cells ignore this signal, the LDL has no place to unload its cholesterol so it builds up in the blood. This is not cholesterol's or LDL's fault it is the fault of too much sugar's affect on insulin receptors in cells. Cholesterol production is also a closed loop system such that the more cholesterol you eat, the less your liver makes. There is only a small percentage of families who have a rare genetic mutation that causes hypercholesterolemia wherby this system does not work and they produce too much cholesterol. These are the only people who will truly benefit from a statin drug. The real cause of heart disease is inflammation. The biggest contributor to inflammation is sugar - especially simple and processed sugars which Americans eat way to much of. Sugar is in all processed food whether it is sweet or not. Now Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies have been making over 30 billion a year selling poisonous Statin drugs to lower cholesterol based on the flawed science I referenced earlier. Do you honestly think they will give up a cash cow like that or admit they were wrong and face many potential lawsuits? This is why the food pyramid guidelines have not changed. Big Pharma is a big lobbyist in Congress.




I eat 7 eggs a day with no issue because I eat a nutritious diet of wholesome foods. Vince Gironda, one of the most famous bodybuilders in the 50's and 60's who trained people like Arnold and other greats, ate 30 eggs a day. He said they were like Dianabol (an early steroid) for sparking growth. If you eat a typical American diet AND eat 10 eggs a day, you will die of heart disease but not because of the eggs but because of all the sugar and processed carbs which will inflame and damage your arteries. The only thing your body has to repair this damage is cholesterol - like using asphalt to fill in a pothole. If you follow Ansel Keyes' logic, he will say asphalt causes pot holes when in reality it is water and changes in temperature causing the asphalt to expand and contract that does it. The key is to eat a nutritious diet of wholesome foods low in simple and processed sugars and high in micronutrients and fiber. If you do this, you can eat as many eggs as you want and your cholesterol and blood fat levels will take care of themselves :-)










This is so true Tim and this is EXACTLY why I preach LEAN GAINS!  If you "bulk" you are just creating more fat cells and will make the future harder to staying lean. Great tips as always!