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Location: Estonia Gender: Male Neck: 39 cm Chest: 97 cm Goal: Gain Muscle Forearm: 27 cm Hip: 96 cm Age: 25 Calve 34 cm Shoulder: 113 cm Height: 1.86 m Arm: 31 cm Waist: 80 cm Weight: 70 kg Thigh: 49 cm Body Fat: 7.5%
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I have been a student for my entire life. Just Graduated masters degree in physics. I love to shred muscles. I have been born with a great body. I used to keep myself warm in winters and avoid heating bills by just lifting barbells or doing push ups. Eating regularly has been an issue for me for a long time but recently I have got a hang of it. Nextly training regularly has been an issue for me. But Now as I discovered this place and all Scott's wonderful routines I have a feeling I might have a chance to make that leap into real visible muscle gains. I was even lucky enough that I had one pack of mass gain and one large lean gain powders awaiting for my return. I tried to use them once but I failed quickly.

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