Shredded 12 Week Challenge


By following some of the most intense, muscle building and real-time workouts of their lives and by sharing their progress with the communities, the following ten contestants have taken their fitness to new levels, inspired thousands, and won some great prizes:

Challenge 1 Winner Grand Prize Winner

#6Shane Moss


Shane says he “finally got the shredded look” he’s always wanted by joining the 12-Week Transformation Challenge. He dropped 20 pounds, and went from 14% to 6.8% body fat, in just three months.

Shane wins $1,000 wins a weekend bootcamp in person with YOURS TRULY here in my studio and on YouTube, plus $1,000 in cash from Skulpt. He also wins a Skulpt smart fitness tracker, FitnessGenes DNA testing kit, and bundle packs of my True Gains high protein foods and BSN supplements.

Challenge 1 Runner-Ups!
Challenge 1


Gmdgeek December 16, 2015 – 218 lbs
April 2016 – 205 lbs

Eunice has surpassed all her fitness goals, dropping from 195 lbs to 173 lbs since joining this Challenge. She said the hardest part was maintaining a clean diet while her family members ate high-carb dishes like pizza for dinner.

“Scott Herman's inspirations and positive vibes just kept me pushing to the finish line. And seeing this community supporting one another has given me confidence. I don't have much more to say than THANK YOU all for helping me get where I am today. This is the end of a new beginning for me.”

Challenge 1

1.Gerald Davis

Gmdgeek December 16, 2015 – 218 lbs
April 2016 – 205 lbs

“On January 15th, 2013 my father passed away from Stage 4 Colon Cancer. The disease was believed to be caused by his weight issues and not-so-healthy eating. My son, Calvin, was born January 18th, 2013. It was a very emotional week filled with overwhelming loss and tremendous joy. It was also my wake up call.” At that time, Gerald was 320 pounds.

“I am grateful for this challenge, the direction and support of this group and my family. I am grateful to Scott. He runs [this community like it’s] a big part of his family. He is right there in the trenches with us and…has never hesitated to answer my questions nor anyone else's. He’s involved and sincere.”

Challenge 1


Lanners90 Weight: 144lbs -> 133 lbs

As a full time dental hygienist, Alanna is focused on more than simply looking good. She is trying to prevent the consistent back problems that many people working in her field face. In addition to Scott, Alanna credits her husband Ryan as a positive, motivating force helping her to get healthy and in shape.

“I feel better about myself. I have gained confidence. I am moving forward in a positive direction that will continue after the Challenge is over. Having healthy habits is an essential foundation for success. This Challenge is where I am building healthy, consistent habits for my future.”

Challenge 1


Cursed180 Weight: 192 lbs -> 166 lbs
Fat Lost: 8% (Leader, Shredded Leaderboard)

Ryan was “too comfortable” at his desk job as a software engineer and gained a lot of weight. Weighing in at 307 lbs (52B pant size), he knew he had to make a change when family members were diagnosed with diabetes, and he began seeing the same symptoms. That was in November 2014. Ryan began his transformation by cutting down to under 200 lbs through Intermittent Fasting, Calorie Tracking (BMR and TDEE), and Carb cycling. Then, he joined Scott’s Challenge:

“By Jan 2016, I was down to 192.7lbs (36in pant size). I came across the Shred Challenge on Scott's Youtube channel and decided it was the perfect thing to kick up the intensity and REALLY get into shape. I began incorporating Scott's workouts alongside my diet and started getting amazing results.”

Challenge 1

4.Peter Hensel

Peejay95 Weight: 172 lbs -> 166 lbs
Body Fat Percentage: 24% -> 17%

Peter used the 12-Week Transformation Challenge as an opportunity to reshape his body and his mind. When he was 17, Peter suffered from depression that he directly attributed to his weight. He was so dedicated to turning his life around that he spent his very first paycheck on a gym membership, and he has not looked back. Peter says although he was seeing some progress in the gym, he did not truly begin to see results until following Scott’s program. Since joining the 12-Week Challenge, he’s made incredible strides towards his fitness goals and gained a new sense of confidence.

“When I saw Scott starting up this Challenge I took it as my driving force to finally get to my goal of being the best version of me I can be. The site and this challenge has taught me so many things. I can’t begin to thank everyone for the love and support.”

Challenge 1

7.Chris P


Chris P. is a former hockey player and swimmer who nearly died in an accident 3 years ago. Since then, she’s gotten back into lifting weights and getting herself back in shape, all the while attempting to make her work as a Digital Artist mesh with being physically fit.

She frequently engages with community members, and recently had this to say: “Never give up! There is always room to improve and to become a better version of yourself!”

Challenge 1

8.Dempsey Rollins

Umrdemp Weight: 235 lbs -> 228 lbs
Deadlifts: 155 lbs -> 315 lbs
Bench: 155 lbs -> 205 lbs
Squat: 215 lbs -> 275 lbs

At the age of 38, Dempsey was so overweight he had to take blood pressure medicine. After losing his job, Dempsey embraced this new adversity and used it as fuel to get in the best physical and mental shape of his life. He started out by taking kickboxing classes, and his trainer later referred him to Scott and the Transformation Challenge.

“I feel that the depression is now long gone and it must have shown. I just started a new job on Monday and feel great about the organization I am with… I have learned so much from the Hermanation and others who I see at the Gym.”

Challenge 1

10.David Wright


David is motivated by more than himself in this contest. As a single father to three children, David was forced to make sacrifices when money was tight and he had to feed his children before he fed himself. In the process, he lost a whopping 75 pounds in a span of just 6 months. Now, he has a new job while attending college and a newfound inspiration for working out. He wants to show his kids that you can succeed no matter what life throws at you.

“This Challenge has been amazing! In the beginning, I was in the middle of my bulking cycle and had a lot of challenges. I got all the way up to 224 lbs and have come back down to 204 lbs! The workouts were great and brought me that much closer to being show-ready in June for my second show ever! Thank you Scott for such an awesome 12 weeks of workouts and meal plans. And thanks for the motivation!”

Challenge 1

5.James Matthews


“I was always one of the fat kids growing up," James recalls, with the exception of the time he played football in high school and college. Back then, his coaches said he had a promising career in the NFL. That is, until James lost his passion for playing football and not long afterwards became the fat kid, again. That all changed when he joined the Transformation Challenge earlier this year. Today, he, too, finds it hard to believe dramatic changes he’s realized: “It's so rare to see someone actually get good results over a short period of time. People come up to you as if they're watching a unicorn being born.”

Challenge 1

Thomas Dube


I am currently 19 years old, and been trying to gain the most amount of muscle I possibly could to be ripped and lean. I started working out when I was 17, but did not get serious until I got to college (which puts me at the age of 18). I did not really know anything about working out at the gym, because before I only worked out at home doing push-ups and sit-ups at home and at that time I thought I was buff (but I was wrong). So when I started working out at school, I searched the Internet and I stumbled upon Scott Herman, which I could say is best thing that happened to me in my fitness journey. I always watched all of his videos on YouTube, then right before the New Year (2016) Scott said he was going to release a 12 week transformation challenge in the New Year and I decided I had to join and give it my all.

Before this 12 week transformation I really never touched the barbell, other than doing the bench press. Through Scott’s 12 week transformation challenge I learned a lot of information and also a lot of confidence in the gym and I think I can concur a lot more than at the beginning in January. For example I have gained a lot of strength and got much leaner than I have ever been. For the three main lifts my personal records (PR) had gone up quite a bit. My bench press was 115 pounds and my current PR is 175 pounds, almost 185 but my spotter helped a bit and that means I did not count it. Remember, I never did a squat or a deadlift prior to this challenge. My deadlift, for the first time was also 115 pounds but now it is 255 pounds. Lastly my squat used to be 95 pounds and now is 205 pounds. I have made crazy progress in this challenge and plan on continuing to gain more muscle and get even leaner. Scott has made a huge impact in my life and is a great motivation to push you to your limits, just never give up and you can get more results then you ever imagine!

Challenge 2 Winners